you cant eat gold!?!?!?

many folks are laffing at those who purchase gold. those folks say, “you cant eat gold!”. true. you cant eat paper dollars either.

i suppose there may come a time when money cant purchase anything. what if paper dollars and PM (precious metals) both became worthless? what if lead turned out to be money in the form of bullets? what if that crazy bell ringer is right?

i suspect that the collapse of the uhmerikan way of life will be very violent. there are many movie examples such as “road warrior” or “fist of the north star”, even in the first “war of the worlds” with gene barry had a graphic example of how money can become worthless.

i submit to you that you cant eat money. you cant eat paper dollars. what happens when “cash is trash”?

those who have lots of dollars will want those dollars to appear valuable to those who dont have so many. some folks used to think beads and shells were a medium of exchange.

these are the things that are a store of value. food it self, of course. amongst primates females can exchange sex for food. labor is a store of value, the skill and knowledge of making useful things. in uhmerika, labor is reduced to something filthy and disgusting. those who have lots of dollars and dont have to work wish to pay very little to those who do.

still, there may come a time when uhmerikan dollars “arent worth a continental”. then what? folks who say, “you cant eat gold” will starve to death with a fist full of ¬†dollars just the same as anyone else.


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