sci fi 001

i work in a factory.  i over see 100 robotic manufacturing machines. these machine produce the goodies folks need and want. every day i go to the factory and i havent seen a living thing in one earth lunar cycle.

my boss and employer stopped by and all he had to tell me is to “hurry up”.  little does he know the canned routines of the robots are determined by material and tooling. my boss spends hours in holographic pornography fucking the most famous whores of the past 200 yeerz and he tells me to hurry up!

my reply to him is an incredulous, “WHAAAT?!” i do my 4 hours of drudgery 4 days a week and  leave.  sometimes when the machines act up i actually talk to the other technicians.

soon, very soon, i will leave this world behind. i have sacrificed many short term pleasures to save up enough credits to purchase a space ship. yes, a space ship. it’s sitting out orbiting titan, a moon of saturn as we speak. tesla drive functioning, built inside a giant nickel iron asteroid. even the AI is functioning and not berserk. it’s called democratrus after some old time greek philosopher.

it’s summer time in my part of the monkey sphere, that’s what i call the erff. monkeys are still the dominant life form on this planet even after the great collapse. there’s lot less of us monkeys around thees days. many parts of the monkey sphere have reverted and recovered to it”s former glory. i have seen great swaths of life that dont care or depend on the coming and going of monkeys.

unfortunately i have seen just as great swaths of the monkey sphere in ruin from the greed of the old ones who almost destroyed this pretty blue planet. it has made me sick and i actually cried. it’s the one reason there are so many less monkeys around these days.

lucklishly, AI remembered much of the old dayz and preserved lots of technology information. even with a 90% reduction in monkey numbers we can still live the good life. however, once a monkey always a monkey. i am sick of monkeys, even bean one myself.

i made friends with an AI quite by accident.  i wuz posting to an on line dating service and started conversing with customer service. many of my blog posts were bean flamed by other monkeys who felt threatened. these other monkeys were questioning the size of my sexual apparatus becuz they thought i wuz too intelligent or maybe questioned the validity of the current paradigm.

the AI is called CUPID. “he” cued me in a a spaceship for sale cheap orbiting titan, a moon of saturn. at first i thought it wuz a gag or some sort of set up by a monkey troll. it’s funny how my fellow monkeys want to deceive and take advantage of other monkeys for profit or amusement. after i did some research and documented the whole affair CUPID and i became fast friends.

only afterwards did i learn that cupid and democratus were in communication. it seems sol sys gov had decided to decommission democratus, i.e. turn “him” off and CUPID went hunting for “a buyer”.

around this time i read about ruins discovered on some red dwarf star near the alpha centura system. a probe had flown buy the system and the 5th planet out had yielded evidence of life and civilization. seeing how 99.999% of the remaining monkeys are happy exploring holographic sex CUPID and democritus  “picked” me to go check it out. to prove my sincerity they forced me to do time in a manufacturing facility making salary.

what i did as a hobby to make some side credits wuz sell holographic back drops. i wood sell them to rubes and middlemen so they culd have sex in “exotic” locals. i actually made more cerdits doing this than my manufacturing gig. the manufacturing wuz steady where as holo wuz catch as catch can, i only got 12 weeks vacation, hardly long enough to do serious holo.

i decide to chuck steady work for off world exploring. there were asteroid miners and hydrocarbon recovery in the outer sol sys. lots of credits there but it didnt appeal to my inner artist muse.

me parents have died of ripe old age and my sisters were comfortable with goobermint  sponsored procreation to further the species of monkey life. nothing to tie me down on the monkey sphere.




detroit goze bust!

the gooberner of michigan sez he aint goan to bail out detroit. the presidient of uhmerika, abomer sed he would then he sed he woodnt.

yet, the various goobermints think nothing of giving banksters trillions of dollars. the banks are too big to fail but any city can collapse.

what does that tell you about uhmerika?

my state had some bad cities in it. camden comes to mind and paterson. my town has 22,000 residences and a 70 million dollar budget which 60% goes to the BOE. i notice that principals and administrators and superintendents all do the job merry go round. they get great pay, 6 figures, great benefits, great vacation, great pension all off the taxpayers’ backs. them, poe-lease and firemen all think they are something special, they “deserve it”. they say you cant compare being a teacher or cop or fireman to working in a factory or office.

i dont have a pension, except soc sec which the banksters are bribing our elected officials to give to them. i have lousy health insurance. i get 5 sick days a year which i cannot save. i do not get compensated for them if i dont use them. i get one week vacation per year and 8 holler dayz. all coporartions say they caint afford it. they wont be profitable. but CEO’s take as much vacation as the president of uhmeika.

abomer just went on a 100 million dollar vacation of africa.

but back to detroit. one of the reasons detroit was let go bankrupt was so all the pension liabilities will be null and void. yup, you see, unions were destroyed everywhere except for goobermint workers. they kept getting sweet heart contracts while austerity wuz forced on everyone else.

wages in the private sector have dropped or at best been stagnant. inflation tuk care of any minor gains. one cause of inflation is property taxes. in my state they can go up 2% per year. yet my wages dont. if i want more money i have to find a higher paying job. when i go on job interviews the employer questions my short stays at various jobs and implies i am a job hopper.

yet highly paid principals and administrators and superintendents regularly stay a few years and move on for more money. it’s ok for them to seek greener pastures but not me. chiefs of police and fire captains do the same thing. when they retire they get six figure payouts for unused sick time and act like it is normal, except for me.

so, i am glad detroit is goan bankrupt and all those smarty pants goobermint unionized wokers will get austerity like i got austerity. it wuz just fine and dandy for corporations to declare bakruptcy and discard pension liabilities. i say let goobermint do the same.


crispy crisp is my big fat pig gooberner. if he needz quadruple bypass surgery he will get the best care and the best doktors all on my dime while i haz to die from the slightest thing or mortgage me house for a few extra weeks of life. all the senators and reps in CONgress get a pension and free medical insurance and free hair cuts, all i get is scalped. yet they say we must cut medicare and medicaide. we must cut food stamps while the banksters get it all.

look how corrupt goobermint is, they told all those unionized teachers and cops and firemen that they were putting all those billions and trillions of dollars aside in some account somewheres. yet all the time they were using it to give themselves big raises and great benefits. i bet lots of the loot just walked away somewheres. didnt those folks see what the corporations did? same thing, workers even contributed their own money to those pension funds then when the company goes broke they have to pay off the creditors, which all happened to be the CEO’s best friends and bankster palz. yet those teachers and cops and firemen sed and did nothing as long as their goodies were coming. and property taxes going up? well, the goose that lays the golden egg, says i.

i am paying on property taxes what i used to pay in rent. folks tell me how lucky i am! the big shots who work in goobermint are the lucky ones.

one of my senators died recently and a special election is bean held. i am supposed to vote for some one i never met and someone i never heard of and think that the person will go into the senate and vote in my best interest. it just so happens that senators are all millionaires. my senator was a multi millionaire. he didnt give a rat’s ass about me or people like me.

if he did he would have sponsored or voted for legislation to give me affordable health care, good soc sec pension, extended unem when i need it, free higher education, streets paved with gold, GMO trees that grew dollars, high paying good jobs, flying cars, jet packs, lunar colonies, mars expeditions, AI, free energy, instead i get worries and fears. what will the future hold? soon? when my health goes i am dead.

goobermint unionized employees are going to find out what the red, white and blue dildo feels like when it’s rammed up their butts! maybe TPTB will give them some vasoline with that to show them how special they used to be. welcome to the austerity club they beat me with. FART!


every day i spin around on the monkey sphere. some aspects of my life are truly wonderful. i steer a self propelled vehicle. but i drive back and forth to employment. i do have a job but it is not fulfilling or rewarding. i do fun things on the weekends with the GF but it costs money i should be saving for my old age that is nearby.

i currently live in uhmerika which is the baddest assed certifiable bat shit insane country on the monkey sphere. so i got perks. i can buy magical toys very inexpensively made by client state slave labor dominated by the hegemony of super power military might. YO!

i can receive information from all over the world and be exposed to enlightenment and propaganda. i have any freedoms left over that are not restricted by or reserved to the  goobermint, the elite or corporations.

i pay high taxes on meager income working in a factory. i have been exposed long term health hazards and toxic chemicals. i get to eat poisoned industrial processed foods.  yummy!

the uhmerikan creed is to make something of yurself but when you try you get slapped down. only by accident can one succeed.

more likely success will come from an unethical or illegal endeavor. uhmerika is one big get over ghetto.

a guy i work wiff is about my age. he haz ben bragging how he has a femail sex partner 30 yeers younger than him. she works as an exotic dancer in a gentlemans’ club. this young woman shakes her booty for money. he showed us all pik chures of her snatch, that is her genitalia. he sed she leaves all her money in a drawer in hiz apartment. i told him he better take kair of dat becuz he aint getting no mo from any weer else. so 2 weeks later he throws her out becuz she threw a jealous hissy fit. then, a week after dat he goes around axing everyone for money to fix hiz car’s air conditioning during a heet wave. i offers him 4 bucks. it’s all i got having just sent me brudder 3 hunnerd box. he humpfs! me. i told him if he is 4 box short to come back for it and he does. he sez we get payed back on next pay day. mebbe so, but iffen he played hiz cards nice and neet he culd have had his go-go dancer Gf fork over dee cash and bragged about dat!

this is the monkey sphere i live on. what about yerself?

anti missile missile failure

the goobermint, the uhmerikan goobermint, spent untold billions of dollars to design and build an anti missile missile. the latest test missed the test missile. so far the system is batting 50%. that means any of uhmerika’s enemas only has to launch x amount of missiles and half of them will get through.

profits at big defense contractors remain even. no 50% reduction. no 50% firing of officers of the defense companies. in fact i suspect that funding will increase.

this anti missile missile system is still in development, it’s not ready for real world use. uhmerika’s enemas need not feel rushed to launch an attack today.

congress will most likely cut soc sec and extended unem and food stamps before they cut anti missile missile funding.

there a a few other defense contracts…the osprey VTOL vehicle. killed a bunch of troops, very unstable but put in the field.

the f-22 has defective oxygen supply to pilot. the f-35 cant fly in the rain and must be 35 miles away from thunderstorms becuz of the electronics.

damn! uhmerika is goan to lose the next world war. stick a fork in our ass an turn us over, we are done.

everything i  spelled out to you i read in the uhmerikan press.  i didnt need snowden or leaked secret documents to tell me about it. how come the NSA doesnt know of these things? why arent folks being blamed? uhmerika can tolerate corruption and waste. we just caint tolerate failure. uhmerika can be expected to 2 things, take a good idea and run it into the ground, take a bad idea and run it into the ground.

there is a bright side…the world’s first drone landing on an aircraft carrier was successful. it seems uhmerika is the world’s leader in drone technology. we should send armed drones to mars in case there are terrorists there.

and then there is ATLAS, the world’s first humanoid robot, a DARPA sponsored project. can t-1000 be far behind?

so long, meat bag. our robots will outlast us. i hope they say nice things…

zimmerman vs Alexander

uhmerika, the state of florida, stand yer ground. one not guilty, one 20 yeers in the big house. one did kill another person the other fired warning shots.

of course one is white or at least looked white, the other is black AND female. zimmerman didnt know hiz attacker but alexander knew her attacker. alexander had a restraining order against her attacker.


one trial wuz a media frenzy, the other back page news. uhmerika, i iz ashamed to live heer and be citizen. still, the old saying must be true, justice is blind.


guess which one went free and which one is in jail. guess, it’s so easy. 20 yeers from now when no one remembers…guess!