anti missile missile failure

the goobermint, the uhmerikan goobermint, spent untold billions of dollars to design and build an anti missile missile. the latest test missed the test missile. so far the system is batting 50%. that means any of uhmerika’s enemas only has to launch x amount of missiles and half of them will get through.

profits at big defense contractors remain even. no 50% reduction. no 50% firing of officers of the defense companies. in fact i suspect that funding will increase.

this anti missile missile system is still in development, it’s not ready for real world use. uhmerika’s enemas need not feel rushed to launch an attack today.

congress will most likely cut soc sec and extended unem and food stamps before they cut anti missile missile funding.

there a a few other defense contracts…the osprey VTOL vehicle. killed a bunch of troops, very unstable but put in the field.

the f-22 has defective oxygen supply to pilot. the f-35 cant fly in the rain and must be 35 miles away from thunderstorms becuz of the electronics.

damn! uhmerika is goan to lose the next world war. stick a fork in our ass an turn us over, we are done.

everything i  spelled out to you i read in the uhmerikan press.  i didnt need snowden or leaked secret documents to tell me about it. how come the NSA doesnt know of these things? why arent folks being blamed? uhmerika can tolerate corruption and waste. we just caint tolerate failure. uhmerika can be expected to 2 things, take a good idea and run it into the ground, take a bad idea and run it into the ground.

there is a bright side…the world’s first drone landing on an aircraft carrier was successful. it seems uhmerika is the world’s leader in drone technology. we should send armed drones to mars in case there are terrorists there.

and then there is ATLAS, the world’s first humanoid robot, a DARPA sponsored project. can t-1000 be far behind?

so long, meat bag. our robots will outlast us. i hope they say nice things…


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