latest rant to DC rep/rat

howz yur 5 week vacation? i got to work all summer except for a day here and there.

did you vote for senator? i didnt. what a choice! lonagan or booker. neither of those guys represents my interests or wishes.

my boss voted. he told me his ticket number was 44 at 8 pm.

i asked a bunch of other people. they all sed that it is a waste to vote. once the winner gets in they do what they want. maybe by so many people not voting it is a way of saying there is no confidence in the system. when you come up for re election i will vote (against you), yaller dawg for sure. you must understand that you do not represent my interests or wishes. i read about your voting habits in the news paper. you represent the corporatists. you represent and vote for the interest of TPTB.

why should i vote for strangers who just dont care about me?

you get free health insurance and a great pension and 5 weeks vacation. i dont.

i would like to get on jury duty to convict a crooked politician or convict a crooked cop or convict a dishonest businessman. i would like to convict a teacher who had sex with a student. i want revenge. the system is beating me down and i would like to beat down those who represent the system by convicting them and chucking them in jail (forever!).

teachers or cops never said anything while wages were/are dropping in the private sector. i had austerity forced on me while goobermint workers’ wages and benefits go up,Up,UP!

i think it is time to lower your wages and benefits. first, no more free hair cuts, then pay for health insurance, contribute to your own 401(k) so it can be stolen by the banksters on wall street.

pension? oh no! we cant afford that! you just go starve somewheres nice and quite.