true life story

i want to make sure the NSA reads the following email i sent to scott garrett my heel of a d.c. rep. the NSA reads every blog and email and social media posting and every text message and saves every phone call made IN THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD!  but then i see so many tragedies. meh. uhmerikans are exceptional, exception assholes. i should know i am an uhmerikan. and so are all the members of congress and the courts and the executive, exceptional uhmerikan assholes. dont beleive me? just read the news. and wall street banksters? double plus exceptional uhmerikan assholes. dont woory, are you from another country but corrupt, well, then you are an honorary (like the honorable jon corzine) exceptional uhmerikan asshole. just steal lots of money and hurt a bunch of people and your in! it’s that easy.

i find congress loathsome. a collection of shape sifting reptiles, a den of vipers, clowns, crooks, thieves, liars, con men.

why do i say this? true life story. i used to work with a fellow named ed. he got fired recently. i cannot confirm his background but he told me that he was in prison for credit card fraud for 8 years. he got out and held down low paying jobs. ed told me he was making 11 bucks an hour where i work. about a year ago he was looking for a new apartment. i am not sure of the reason why he was. a coworker told him i have a finished basement which he wanted to rent. at the time my brother was also looking for a place to stay and i gave my brother first dibs on it.

ed ended up renting a one room flat about a go-go bar in paterson. that was all he could afford. some time later he started showing me and the guys pictures of his 22 year girlfriends. yes, girl friends. he was slightly younger than me but still in his fifties. the gals worked in the go-go bar shaking their booty for dollar bills. ed told me they make in one night what i make in a week.

they loked sweet as most young gals do. the older on looked like she had track marks on her arms. that is she was most likely shooting heroin. then ed told everyone he threw them out. i didnt get the whole story. what i did witness was ed losing about 70 pounds. he was sort of chunky. i thought he was working out. nope, he was using “h” also.

previous, for an ex con, ed seemed to be dedicated to turning his life around. he was serious about work and strived to do more.the boss did give him a dollar raise, but let’s be real 10 or 11 bucks an hour may have been “ok” 20 years ago but not these days.

but what does a congress man making $175,000/year and full paid medical and owns a horse farm understand the hardship of making 11 bucks an hour?

ed kept going down hill. he started doing some strange things to support his habit. he snuck out of work a lot. he tried to get his self into rehab twice. material started tom go missing. there were 2 confrontations. i guess he is out in the streets homeless and will be dead soon.

why is heroin so readily available in paterson? why do young ladies have to shake their booty in diver’s clubs to make money? MORE MONEY THAN I CAN MAKE AT HONEST LABOR?

why do you have paid medical and a great salary and 5 weeks vacation or more? why do you own a horse farm? how can you relate to the voters in your district?

this is what i think the problem is. YOU are the problem, ALL of congress, the reps, the senate, the president, the courts. it’s all corrupt. it’s because you sold out, all of you, a bunch of heels and cads. it really disgust me. the fact there are no honorable people to vote for. ratpublikan, dumbocRAT, pea party (because they “pea” on us), it makes no difference. corrupt horse and pony show to distract the citizens while the country is being looted and destroyed by wall street banksters.

i know what i see every day for years and years and years. it’s just not ed, there are legions of citizens self destructing while you tend your horse farm. the potential being wasted, nay! destroyed on purpose in the obscene quest for profits. the one disadvantage of winning the rat race is when you do, you are still a rat. shove it, RAT!


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