NSA! read this!

another rant to my d.c. rat rep who has been bought off to vote against the people:

you are not doing the peoples’ business. you dont represent the people.

how can a heap of dirt represent the people?

i dont own a horse farm in sussex county. what have i in common with you? i work in a factory in paterson. i see what heroin is doing to the community. what do you see?

you vote against soc sec and ex unem benfits and give trillions to the elite corrupt banksters.

heel, rat, idiot, buffoon, isnt that what you think of the people? isnt that how you treat us?

all lies and deceit. why should i respect you or congress or the president or the courts when you mean to do me and the citizens harm?

villains, evil incarnate, shape shifting reptiles, clowns, laughing stock of the world, all that is unholy and hateful.

i read the news, i see how things are going. you do not deserve or earn your $175,000/yr or pension or free medical benefits.
you are a den of parasites with 10 weeks paid vacation.

failure, tell your masters i do not accept the future you have chosen for me and my fellow citizens.

dont you intend to drop your atomic bombs while you hide in secret underground bunkers? what of C.O.G.? but not continuation of the public. cant afford it. funny how the goobermint can afford to pay you but closes national parks.

your skills are substandard. your voting record is abysmal. you vote as your masters tell you which is against the people.

but…prove me wrong. vote for us and i will support you. as of now i cannot. many are fooled by the horse and pony show designed for maximum distraction.

since you and yours assume me stupid i had decided you are stupid. yes, yes, you have all the power, all the money, all the means of OH!pression but still i deny you ALL!


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