some old white people

i knew some racist old white people, me mam and pap. pap wuz fond of using the “n” word. me mam used the “k” word, that is knickers. i will use that word for now. both me mam and pap hated knickers. me bro dated a black gal and he knocked her up. he told mam and pap and they freaked out. me mam shouted at the top of her voice that, “WE DONT WANT NO KNICKER BABIES IN THIS FAMILY!”.

i may have mentioned in previous posts where me pap worked as a fireman in a big metro city which wuz 85% black. me pap saved lives and property of the very people that he confided to me that he hated. i dont get it. still, i managed to grow up not hating black people for being black. of course iffen someone is an asshole, white, black, yellow, brown or pink with purple polka dots, then well, that person is an asshole. I HATE ASSHOLES. yet, i dont hate anyone enough to kill them.

what if president O!bama is an asshole?should we say that becuz he is a knicker we shouldnt point it out? take O!bamacare for instance. not much affordable about that. in fact, i would say it is a money grab to make insurance executives very rich. the evidence is quite circumstantial. i know both me mam and pap would hate him even if he was a saint. my pap would not call O!bama a knee grow, nope. and mam would absolutely call him a knicker.

i dont split hairs like that, O!bama is an asshole on his merits plain and simple, just like both bushes were/are/will be assholes on their merits (and O!prah also). both bushes are knickers even though they are white.

me mam and pap died on their own of old age so they dont have to worry about any knickers taking them out to please O!prah. i be afeered becuz i am getting old and may be a target of a knee grow who wants to kill whitey. subliminal unintended consequences or a conspiracy?

maybe the world would be a better place if black racists died also. YO!


who gets to kill who?

O!prah sed old white racists who dont agree with O!bama should die becuz the world would be a better place. I would imagine some folks might take this as a go ahead to start killing old white people. after all, O!prah didnt specify how the old white people should die, except she implied it would be a good thing for the world. O!prah has a bully pulpit and an audience and secondary audience where her words can be misunderstood.

now, a christain militia group has a face book page where they say they have the authority to kill O!bama. i read it at:

who is right? who is wrong? both? it’s okay for famous rich people to say it is ok to kill otherless rich and less famousĀ  people but it is not ok for other les rich and less famous people to say it is ok to kill rich famous people. wait a minnit!…that sounds like racism to me.

uhmerika is a very strange country. i have a front row seat to the freak show.


sent today nov 22, 2013 to O!bama :

i saw O!prah’s youtube video. O!prah sed that any one who disagrees with you is a racist. O!prah sed the world wont be a better place until all those racists die.

guess what? you are a HEEL! i checked out O!bamacare. it isnt about delivering affordable health care. it’s about delivering profits to the insurance industry.

i disagree with you and your administration. if you arent a HEEL! then you are a dupe.

and..i disagree with O!prah. she is a heel and a dupe also.

hey! i write my rep in d.c. all the time and call him a heel. he is a ratpublikan. he votes against me all the time. is it ok becuz him and me is white? i say you are against me. i checked out O!bamacare.

O!bamacare is the way to get rid of white folks by denying them health care. talk about death panels.

why dont you call O!prah in and tell her to retract her statements.


WHITEY must die!

i saw the youtube clip of O!prah’s rant. O!prah sed that anyone who disagrees with O!bama is a racist. O!prah sed the world wont be a better place until all those racists die.

i disagree with O!bama. i dont like O!bamacare. O!bamacare has nothing to do with delivering health care as much as it is about delivering profits to the insurance industry at the expensive of everyone else. we had plenty of bad white presidents, carter, bush 1, raygun, clinton and bush 2. i say we will have lots of bad black presidents and lots of bad women presidents.

i think that once the president gets in “they” show him/her a movie of the JFK murder from another angle, such as from the grassy knoll. then “they” tell him/her if you dont play ball the same thing happens to you. that is the best we can hope for. still i think O!bama was chosen and the election delivered to him for the benefit of some hidden agenda. i think he is just a heel out for himself, a serviceable villain.

i read that it is “too expensive” to count every vote. they just take samples and extrapolate from there even though “they” tell everyone to go vote. stalin sed that it dont matters who votes just who counts the votes.

so, should i die? how and when? should a black person be able to kill me without any consequences? i want to die of old, old age not to be beaten to a pulp by a gang of thugs or hooligans who got carte blanc from some TV personality. did O!prah ever read, “a clockwork orange”? maybe she should (maybe she did).

my rep in d.c. is a white guy. i am a white guy. i write him and call him a heel. shouldnt i be able to write O!bama at the white house and call him a heel? my rep is a republican. he doesnt represent my wishes and mostly votes against me. i see O!bama doing the same thing. O!bamacare proves it. being black or a democrat has nothing to do with his incompetence.

i am a racist. i hate assholes! guess who i think are assholes.

knee grow

some time i saw a photo of an ear grow on the back of a mouse.

what i really want to see is a knee grow on the back of a mouse. umm… O!pra sed that old white racists should die, then O!bama gave her the freedom medal.

uhmerika is such a strange place.