sent today nov 22, 2013 to O!bama @whitehouse.gov :

i saw O!prah’s youtube video. O!prah sed that any one who disagrees with you is a racist. O!prah sed the world wont be a better place until all those racists die.

guess what? you are a HEEL! i checked out O!bamacare. it isnt about delivering affordable health care. it’s about delivering profits to the insurance industry.

i disagree with you and your administration. if you arent a HEEL! then you are a dupe.

and..i disagree with O!prah. she is a heel and a dupe also.

hey! i write my rep in d.c. all the time and call him a heel. he is a ratpublikan. he votes against me all the time. is it ok becuz him and me is white? i say you are against me. i checked out O!bamacare.

O!bamacare is the way to get rid of white folks by denying them health care. talk about death panels.

why dont you call O!prah in and tell her to retract her statements.



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