WHITEY must die!

i saw the youtube clip of O!prah’s rant. O!prah sed that anyone who disagrees with O!bama is a racist. O!prah sed the world wont be a better place until all those racists die.

i disagree with O!bama. i dont like O!bamacare. O!bamacare has nothing to do with delivering health care as much as it is about delivering profits to the insurance industry at the expensive of everyone else. we had plenty of bad white presidents, carter, bush 1, raygun, clinton and bush 2. i say we will have lots of bad black presidents and lots of bad women presidents.

i think that once the president gets in “they” show him/her a movie of the JFK murder from another angle, such as from the grassy knoll. then “they” tell him/her if you dont play ball the same thing happens to you. that is the best we can hope for. still i think O!bama was chosen and the election delivered to him for the benefit of some hidden agenda. i think he is just a heel out for himself, a serviceable villain.

i read that it is “too expensive” to count every vote. they just take samples and extrapolate from there even though “they” tell everyone to go vote. stalin sed that it dont matters who votes just who counts the votes.

so, should i die? how and when? should a black person be able to kill me without any consequences? i want to die of old, old age not to be beaten to a pulp by a gang of thugs or hooligans who got carte blanc from some TV personality. did O!prah ever read, “a clockwork orange”? maybe she should (maybe she did).

my rep in d.c. is a white guy. i am a white guy. i write him and call him a heel. shouldnt i be able to write O!bama at the white house and call him a heel? my rep is a republican. he doesnt represent my wishes and mostly votes against me. i see O!bama doing the same thing. O!bamacare proves it. being black or a democrat has nothing to do with his incompetence.

i am a racist. i hate assholes! guess who i think are assholes.


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