some old white people

i knew some racist old white people, me mam and pap. pap wuz fond of using the “n” word. me mam used the “k” word, that is knickers. i will use that word for now. both me mam and pap hated knickers. me bro dated a black gal and he knocked her up. he told mam and pap and they freaked out. me mam shouted at the top of her voice that, “WE DONT WANT NO KNICKER BABIES IN THIS FAMILY!”.

i may have mentioned in previous posts where me pap worked as a fireman in a big metro city which wuz 85% black. me pap saved lives and property of the very people that he confided to me that he hated. i dont get it. still, i managed to grow up not hating black people for being black. of course iffen someone is an asshole, white, black, yellow, brown or pink with purple polka dots, then well, that person is an asshole. I HATE ASSHOLES. yet, i dont hate anyone enough to kill them.

what if president O!bama is an asshole?should we say that becuz he is a knicker we shouldnt point it out? take O!bamacare for instance. not much affordable about that. in fact, i would say it is a money grab to make insurance executives very rich. the evidence is quite circumstantial. i know both me mam and pap would hate him even if he was a saint. my pap would not call O!bama a knee grow, nope. and mam would absolutely call him a knicker.

i dont split hairs like that, O!bama is an asshole on his merits plain and simple, just like both bushes were/are/will be assholes on their merits (and O!prah also). both bushes are knickers even though they are white.

me mam and pap died on their own of old age so they dont have to worry about any knickers taking them out to please O!prah. i be afeered becuz i am getting old and may be a target of a knee grow who wants to kill whitey. subliminal unintended consequences or a conspiracy?

maybe the world would be a better place if black racists died also. YO!


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