crispy crisp big fat mouth

some pundits are saying that crispy crisp is being torpedoed to clear the way for hillary goddam clinton to win the white house. just maybe crispy crisp aint no better than any other self serving politician.

crispy once sed:

“The longer we vote them in,” he said in a 2008 speech, “the more bulletproof they feel, and the more entitled they feel to become corrupt.”

and then we had bridgegate. crispy’s “unmonitored” underlings had lane closures to divert traffic at the GWB. well, just maybe…in a quantum universe anything is possible except some things are improbable….

but then crispy used the state helicopter to visit hiz kid’s soft ball game and had to pony up $2000 to cover it and got all huffy about it. then hurricane sandy blew in and crispy rode that helicopter all over in “emergency” mode. but hiz girth requires extra fuel to get the thing off the ground. indeed, they has to load fuel for an extra person. and i haz to pay it in taxes!


my own little ice age

late january 2014. yup, we got us a cold snap. teens for high single digits at night, 10 days in a row. for my climate that is about right for january. some pundits are calling for a new ice age but neglect to mention the heat wave that is hitting alaska.

i got some snow but not as much as i have got. just 2 or 3 years ago there was deep snow and frigid weather. i remember 2 snow storms a week one winter but no one said a new ice age was coming then. if i get snow in june i think i may get scared. however, i remember one spring where i had frost up until memorial day. every day before i drove to work i had to scrape some “scrum” off the windshield. but…every afternoon  was 80 degrees and pleasant. i remember plenty of aprils where i stomped on old man winter’s face with a boot. some snow, maybe from shoveling it into a 6 foot pile, had remained in a small patch about 4 inches thick and 2 feet wide hiding in the shade of a hemlock tree. so one warm afternoon i broke it up to hasten it’s melting.

of course i dont like it. i hate having to pretend it isnt 10 degrees every morning on the way to work. i still fear snow storms and maybe missing a day at work and wages. but man must wage war on nature. man has machines and petroleum to surmount nature and push it aside. but is nature fighting back? arent those machines and petroleum our weakness as well as our strength?


made in uhmerika, NOT!

yeah, i am an uhmerikan for what it’s worth, which is next to nuthin these days.

i work in the QC field. i actually measure stuff and document it. i can see why uhmerikan manufacturing is dead. it is more important to meet a delivery date than to send out a quality product. it is more important to get the billing than send out a quality product.

my boss gets angry at me when he sees me measuring the dimensions of our product. he says it takes too long, we will miss delivery. it wont get billed this month. hurry, Hurry, HURRY! so stuff goes out dee doh and comes back next month for repair or replacement.

there is a disclaimer. any large  quantity of units for manufacture gets done in china. but china wont do anything much under 10,000 units. it’s the tooling and set up. so uhmerika does the short runs of of one and two, maybe 100.

some companies build big specialized machines, maybe they only make 10 or 20 a year but they cost a million bucks or more. maybe another company services very old machines that the OEM has abandoned. those guys come to us for low volume replacement parts.

a reasonable person would think that it is important to deliver a product that meets all specifications. i would but all these shit hole mom and pop shops are at a cutthroat dog eat dog  competition and they think that by sending out a sub par product on time is a good business practice.

well, uhmerika is dead already, we just dont know it yet. stick a fork in our ass and turn us over. we is done.

so i spend a large amount of time filling out inspection reports. my boss tells me to just make the entries up. if do a pre manufacture check, i often do. but maybe someone else does the pre check. i how do i know they missed something? how do i know i missed something? what with me boss screaming at me to HURRY UP!

well, things get through, by rights there should be more than one inspector. but that would cost the company wages and hence profit. let the customer do the final QC. then so sorry and repair or replace.

made in china

back in the day of stone knives and bearskins, when desktop computers ran 386 cpu at 30 mhz, updates were frequent. it seemed a new faster cpu would come out 6 months later. i learned very quickly to stay one upgrade behind. it was the $99 upgrade. computers used to be expensive. imagine paying $1000 for a pentium II 350mhz with 256 megabytes of ram!

just about then, that is the early 1990’s cheap no name components from china were hitting the PC expo rounds. a PC expo is sort of like a flea market or swap meet for computer users.

i was always in lower paying jobs. i was nowhere near well to do. i would economize. i would buy the cheapest components i could get. that included add on cards such as serial and parallel ports, graphic cards, memory chips and mother boards.

i discovered that low cost chinese components had a 50% failure rate. what i did was buy 2 of what ever. if one failed i plugged in the other one. even allowing for the throw away it was cheaper than buying an upscale name brand component.

some things like cpu’s were branded and they almost never failed. i think maybe i had 2 die in 30 years. i dont want to sound racist or politically incorrect but stuff from taiwan, even no name stuff was better than “made in china” branded gear. this is of course not scientific and strictly anecdotal. however i hold electronics with a taiwan origin in high regards to this day.

well, the made in  china stuff was cheap. and those cards that did work lasted as long as anything else. the end user in uhmerika had to pay to be the last QC inspector. still, before i discovered the buy 2 get one doctrine of chinese dumping i was often stuck with a computer with a malfunctioning and hence unavailable hardware feature.

so now i want to discuss the “jade rabbit”, china’s lunar rover. “THE FIRST TIME IN FORTY YEARS!” well, it just seems the damned thing crapped out like so many of those add on computer cards i bought. the chinese should have known to send two rovers to make sure they got one to work properly. i say it is karma or the principle of yin and yang.

right back at cha ,”made in china”. you know, i buy lots of stuff made in china. the quality has gone up tremendously. in uhmerika, one would be hard pressed to find anything not made in china. i reviewed some cameras that have been made in china in previous postings to this blog. still, seeing they were all brand name merchandise i think there was some sort of  method to made sure defective products didnt reach the customer.

i am pleased to see this defective merchandise on the moon, made in china, indeed. YO! why doesnt the peoples’ republic of shoddy products byte my hairy hard drive!
















canon sx150 is

there’s no doubt about it, i buy canon products. i think i get more bang for my buck. lot’s of pundits say canon is toast. canon products arent innovative. let’s look at the sx-150. firstly i bought knowing it is a discontinued model. still, each new model is a small change. i always buy discontinued models due to price drops. for instance, the sx-150 was had for $130!

the sx-150 is a point and shoot. it has 6.0mm-60.0mm f/3.4-56 zoom lens. it is a good quality lens for a long zoom. it is slow like many inexpensive p&s. it is intended for sunny days and flash. it can fit into a pants pocket but a jacket pocket is better. i use small gadget bags that can be confused with a man purse that a “metrosexual” might use. the sx-150 i have is red. it only has a LCD screen. it used 2 “AA” bateries. i use NMH rechargable and carry an extra set. sx-150 has a flip up flash. i use Av mode but it has P and Tv and scene and manual. as usual, the lens has a minimum aperture of f/8 but a wide range of shutter speeds. i usually adjust the ISO to keep my f/n and a fast shutter speed.

in bright sun and daylight conditions the sx-150 takes sharp, clear and colorful photos. in subdued light it has noise over 400 ISO but less than cheaper p&s. i have used it for long exposure city nightscapes.  i have found the sx-150 to be much better than  smaller and cheaper (equal to or less than$100) p&s. the sx-150 has a slightly bigger chip. it has more user controller options. there is a manual focus mode i find very useful. i like being able to set a shutter speed. for only 30 bucks more it is a much more useful camera.

is it a replacement for a DSLR? sure, when you dont want to lug all that gear around. is it a quick and responsive camera? in very bright day light, yes. in dimmer light one must plan ahead and anticipate the situation.

anyone who has used a canon product would feel familiar and comfortable using this camera.

i have noticed that cheap p&s are, well, cheap. they have a limited feature set or just acceptable picture quality. most have small lens aperture and short zoom range. the cheaper cameras depend on automatic settings with some specific set of specialize settings that may or may not do the job. the sx-150 is a very adaptable camera for an inexpensive long zoom p&s.

all the p&s i use i never set the ISO over 800. it is like a joke. the noise gets so bad it is almost unusable. the sx-150 takes nice ISO 800 photos. i almost always leave it on 400. i generally never use 200 or 100 except in bright sun or if i want to use a very slow shutter speed for creative reasons. at 100 or 200 the noise is not an issue.

in many respects i wish i had bought the sx-150 before i bought any cheaper p&s. recap, 10x zoom, full manual mode, many user options, very good image quality. is it a great camera? actually, yes, because of the price. the low price makes it a fine value. it is made in china.


canon g15

although i own a few DSLR’s i often like to carry lightly when on a photo op. i have been buying cheap point and shoots just to have a camera and be discrete. the latest addition to my collection is the canon g15.

the g15 has an f1.8-f2.8 6.1mm-30.5mm zoom  lens of the highest quality. it has an optical viewfinder as well as a hi-res LCD screen. i use the optical viewfinder in bright sunlight. the optical viewfinder undershoots the scene and crops it but accurate enough. i is distortion free as compared to less expensive p&s.

the g15 is a big camera for a p&s but will fit comfortable in a coat pocket and even a side pocket of a pair of slacks, depending. the model i have is black with a textured finish that gives a very sure grip and lessens the chance of slipping and dropping.

i have decided i like Av mode. i set the aperture and the camera picks shutter speed. i usually adjust ISO to freeze motionto keep my F/n. the g15 has P and Tv and a a scene mode and full manual. the aperture can only stop down to f/8 but a large range of shutter speeds. the image stabilizer actually works! 

any one who has used most canon products will feel comfortable using this camera’s menus. button layout is somewhat different but the icons are the same.

compared to a DSLR the chip is noisy over 400 ISO but much better than cheaper p&s. it uses SD cards and has a special Li-on battery with an external charger. it is a hefty device but comfortably so. it has a pop up flash and a hot shoe. it has the option of adding lens attachments. i dont intend to purchase these. if i want to do long tele or extreme macro i just whistle up a DSLR.

the g15 does movies also. i like doing movies in a p&s. just short clips of a minute or less. what surprised me the most? it is made in japan and the quality that implies. the price is high, about $400 but you can shop around for package deal that include a memory card, a mini tripod and an extra battery.

i always wait until the next model comes out then the previous one is discounted. get one, it is a real camera. it takes excellent photos with outstanding color.


IMG_0147 (2)_nyc

legend of galactic heroes

i watch japanese anime. it is a cool art form. the latest series i am into now is, “the legend of galactic heroes”. it’s on youtube. it’s a space opera about an empire and a so called democracy. the leader of the empire wants to conquer the known galaxy and the alliance wants to remain independent. what i like about this series is the philosophy of war. some of the dialog is very insightful. there are lots of space battles with ships blowing up and strategy and even graphic violence of people getting killed. i like to watch the japanese voice over version with english subtitles. heres episode 54: