ded vs. dead

i surf it is a news link list with snarky blurbs to get you to click though to the article.

here’s one (actual screen capture):


and here is another (actual screen capture):


i would say has an agenda, first is to demonstrate their links submitters total assholery. second, it is ok to make fun of brain dead black people but not so much of a powerful brain dead israeli… and that is the way it is supposed to be. YO!

which begs the question: why are we keeping president O! bama alive? aint he brain dead? i think TPTB should nominate a pet rock and see to it that the pet rock wins the white house. do you really think your vote counts. nope, only those who count the votes do.

NO ONE IN UHMERIKA COULD TELL THE DIFFERENCE! yo! or even fucking notice or care, and the VP? a chia pet of course. YO!


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