china bashing

“that’s what bilbo baggins hates”

no, no, NO! i aint talkng about that sort of china. and i will end up bashing the uhmerikan goobermint also.

the DoD decided to by f-35 plane parts from china, special magnets they were. well, that’s neither here or there. in uhmerika one day we are told china is our friend and the next day we are told china is the evil empire.

why would the air force buy parts from a country they may well have to bomb? well, it would take too long to get the parts from uhmerika and too much money. each magnet cost ONE BILLION DOLLARS from uhmerika but only $1.99 from china (snark). as a citizen of uhmerika i would hope that those savings would be passed down in the form of lower taxes. BULLSHIT! the tax payer gets charged the same ONE BILLION DOLLARS any way. then the crooked bastids running the show pocket the difference.

did you just spend 14 days in hawaii? me neither. O! bama just did. case closed.

the DoD spend $350 million dollars a pop on ships that are rusting out before sea trials. the anti corrosion system was eliminated as a cost cutting measure. i aint making this shit up.

guess who is going to win the next world war? it aint gonna be uhmerika.

the NSA can hack every phone and computer in uhmerika (NAY! the world!) but it cant discover who stole 40 million credit card numbers from target, unless, of course, it was the NSA itself that did it. what do you think?

i dont think i just write a blog. cry-key! what an imagination i got!

china has the deadliest coal mines. in 2013 over 1000 people dead or missing and  previous years have seen higher numbers. china is a country that sends kids to school but instead of getting an education the kids make fireworks. then the school blows up. in uhmerika kids bring fireworks to school to blow it up. same difference.

then there is the “breaking bad” drug bust in china. well, uhmerika still is NUMBER ONE in home brew crystal meth production. i bet you a plug hobo nickel that china over takes the good old u.s. of a. in that area of production also.

china took our textiles, out TV’s or sneakers, our electronics, our everything manufacturing. it is only fair and fitting they take our controlled dangerous substance production also. FREE MARKET supply and demand….demands it. it’s the invisible hand of TPTB.

it’s already being done. there’s nothing you can do about it. sure is entertaining though, aint it? YO!

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