more atomic life

i’m not a scientist nor do i portray one on TV. scientists develop the atom bomb and GMO foods so scientists are scary people. some say you have take the good with the bad. this may be. leonardo da vinci was a weapons designer.

i know what the scientific method is, study data or steal it and massage it to get grants and be published in prestigious magazines to work for big corporations.

that is one scientific method.  sometimes an experiment is set up to duplicate some process noted in the world. then certain steps are changed to see what the results are. let’s try A then B then C to see if we arrive at D. then next time let’s do C first and next time let’s leave B out, etc.

i had “radioactive” HEPA filters that lost radioactivity after 48 hours. i ran the filters for over 5 years. how do duplicate that? i bought new filters and i guess i could run them for 5 years.

what i will do is check the filters every 30 days. these HEPA purifiers have built in optional ionizers. i have decide to run 4 HEPA purifiers with the ionizer switch set off. two other HEPA purifiers will be run in a closed room with the ionizers set to on.

i have two geiger counters. GC is used to check for the presence of ionizing radiation. i posit that the ionizers from the HEPA purifiers were giving me false readings. due to the presence of charged particles being impacted on the filters.

from what i read in the news that atom power plant in japan is still emitting radioactive particles into the air and ocean. most have short half lives. it is possible that the filters will collect and concentrate enough particles to trigger dangerous radiation alert from the GC.

that would be very scary because that means there is a source of continuing radiation to replenish the short half life particles. i hope my experiment is negative, that is the new filters without ion generation will remain low background radiation readings.

1. all filters show high radiation with or with out ion generation. ion generation equals low radiation and  filters with ion generation show high radiation.

i will post results.

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