no diff

china goobermint sez  vaccines didnt kill 9 kids. so not much diff  between uhmerikan goobermint via the FDA saying vaccines dont kill kids.

china lets poisoned food into the market place and so does the usa. china is a hotbed of corruption and so is the usa. china has censorship and the usa has spying on the internet.

the usa dumped thousands of radioactive barrels off the coast near population centers and china has polluted air and water.

just not much difference. it’s true most citizens in china have low wages compared to the usa but our elites are doing their best to lower wages and  benefits for uhmerikan citizens. i suspect that wages here and there will match at some inflection point. uhmerikans on the downward slide and china on the upward slope.

uhmerikans went to the moon first. now 40 years later the internet is saying china FIRST time in forty years instead of saying second to get to moon after forty years. i think there is an agenda to boost the status of china over uhmerika. i think our elites have sold us out.

now they say uhmerika is not going to be first in the sciences. it is to be china.

a suggestion, natural born citizens of uhmerika should be prohibited from holding any elected office. natural born citizens of uhmerika should be banned from going to any higher education or obtaining any advanced degree of learning. no uhmerikan doktors, no uhmerikan lawyers, no uhmerikan any professionals.

all important positions in uhmerikan goobermint, enterprise and specialized and highly trained jobs should go to folks from other countries, any country as long as it aint uhmerika. among the intelligent in uhmerika, the chief object of study should be learning to conform.

in fact all uhmerikans should be slapped down at every turn, especially white uhmerikans until they all just die off. those stubborn ones should be “knocked out” for starters by street thugs. any who resist should be sent off to FEMA interment camps and fed into gas chambers.

this is the way things are going. TPTB have already decided it. there’s nothing that can be done. get used to it. YO!


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