the down low low down YO!

although i fancy me self some sort of pundit, the troot is i am a just a loser keeping hiz hade above water working for THE MAN. every day i force me self out of bade and go to work. this involves a grueling commute wiff other losers working FOR THE MAN.

THE MAN is a concept that implies slavery. if you has to go to work you is a slave and a knave. i aint got enough money to tell my boss to fuck off. just the reverse, i have to grovel at hiz every word and beg forgiveness from dee massah not to beet me.

still, some how, i got ed you kated. i think what i think and i hate you all. but it aint nuthin personal, see?

i got me hobbies and interests. i do photography and astrology when ever possible. everyone’s life is influenced by the planet your anus.  didnt some inconsiderate driver cut you off at that stop sign? well, he fucked you up the ass, pal!

didnt congress cut off yur unem? you got fucked up the ass? didnt O! bama fuck fuck you up the ass with the affordable care act? well,didnt he? YOUR ANUS!

even china bashing, too easy. china sez it’s a great nation worthy to replace uhmerika as the world’s poe lease man. they be welcome to it. YOUR ANUS!

i went looking at all the stuff i bought, it all says made in china. i recently bought a canon g15 digital camera becuz it is “made in japan”.  that means quality these days.

how is uhmerika to survive when all the crap it’s citizens buy is made in china? i got some museum pieces made in uhmerika. me j. deere snow blower is so old it  wuz made in uhmerika! cry-kee!

beleeve it or not i haz an industrial job. lots of companies need prototypes and short runs. china wont touch anything under 10,000 units. so these small shit hole sweat shops cater to quick turn around, short run, r&d, prototyping.

although i complain about me lot i also secretly regal in it.  the only thing i hate about me job is the commute. it’s “only” 30 miles. still it takes about 45 minnits of drive time. big crush on the two main highways. everyone is inconsiderate and i haz to drive defensively. dont the give the sukkah a break. expect the unexpected (the worst).  i dont like it one bit.

and dat is dee uhmerikan way of life, a shitty job that just pays enough to cover going back and forth to work every day. what is scary? i iz lucky than most who make lots less.

i used to read sci fi but i find the daily nooze most intriguing and fascinating. uhmerika haz enough money to feed the world and go to the stars. yet, TPTB insist on petty scrabbles,  wealth hoarding and conflict. fuck off, niggahz! (white niggahz is dee worst)

where’s me flying car and jet pack?  up some wall street bankster’s asshole. congress is bought and paid for, O!bama is bought and paid for, the freekin dog catcher in my town is bought and paid for. you want to know what pisses me off? they forgot to buy me off and pay me off. THAT”S WHAT! i want my piece of the pie. i want to O!press the less fortunate. i want to rape the environment. i want to pillage the public largess. i want to bend umerika over an fuck it up it’s collective ass with a red, white and blue dildo. TPTB are doing it to you right now and you seem to like it.

instead i write ineffective blogs.

“NRL” do you know that the acronym in quotes is monitored by homeland suck your- ity and the NSA?

the princeton research group called me twice. i just hung up on them. they are some sort of pollsters. i figger if TPTB want to know what i think they can get the straight dope offen the NSA feed of me blog.

FART! i fart in their general direction. and scott garret, my d.c. rep  disgusts me. why isnt he being water boarded in gitmo instead of tending to hiz horse farm? see what happens when you sell out? damn! I WANT TO SELL OUT! i want to sell you out for 30 pieces of silver and yur kids and your grand kids too.

but i wont, i’m too reasonable. it haz proven to be a most unprofitable handicap. YO!



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