the polar vortex pretext

back in the day when “climate change” was hip, that is in the late 1980’s, i talked to a coworker who spent time in michigan. he told me that houses has doors on the second story. i axed him what for. he told me that the snow was so deep it was the only way to get out of the house! he told me they didnt plow the snow. people just drove over it. the snow plows would just level it out.

i had a boss who lived in michigan and he verified these details to me quite independently. i never told my boss about this coworker. someone else asked him about michigan and he mentioned the bitter sub zero F temps up there.

places like north and south dakota always crop up during the winter with fantastic low temps. i knew a guy who lived in minnesota and mentioned to me quite casually how cold and snowy it got.

i helped a buddy move to new hampshire in november. HOT DAMM! was it cold. i couldnt wait to get back to new jersey.

what i am getting at is that “global warming deniers” say that becuz winter is cold means there aint no global warming. as such i dont believe in global warming any more than i do in global cooling, i.e. the ice age. what i beieve is “climate change”.

climate change means wet where it was dry and dry where it was wet. climate change means extremes of weather. NJ is a perfect example. we are on our third cycle of extreme cold and extreme warmth. i write on a thursday after 2 days of single digit lows and one day of 10 F for a high and now i am looking at a saturday of 55 and rain IN JANUARY.

the ice agers cherry pick their data just as much as they accuse the global warmers for doing. those that shrill the most just shrug and say warm weather in the winter is “a glitch”. i say a glitch is a bitch.

i read about climate change back in the late 70’s. it’s up there with the jupiter effect. all mighty and all knowing man is just an ignorant ape pretending to be a god.  there are men who will kill the earth for a billion dollars. look at wayward hayward the CEO of BP. i laugh at him. he killed the gulf of mexico and halted the gulf stream that supplies warmth to his nation. as i write this, extreme cold and ice and snow are lashing the british isles. it warms the cockles of my heart to see the damage men do the earth in furtherance of profit.

men seek the perception of power but they dont wield it. all they have is dominion over other men and the ability to destroy things they dont understand. YO!


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