climate change extremes

winter 2013-2014

i read that brazil is 120 F. australia is so hot bats are falling dead out of the sky.While part of North America is suffering through a record freeze, northern Europe is enjoying unusually balmy temperatures that are disturbing wildlife, traffic and the winter sports season.  temperatures exceeding their normal seasonal average by four to five degrees Celsius (24 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit) in Norway and Finland.

“they” say the polar vortex that froze north am has also made northern europe extremely mild in the same time frame. it is predicted that “normal” winter will return soon.  climate is what one may expect, weather is what one gets.

dumb asses say the sun  has nothing to do with climate. CME dont effect the earth.sunspot cycles dont effect the earth. let me tell you in no uncertain terms, the earth depends on the sun for BAU. the monkeys that pose as scientists will lie through their asses to keep the peanuts rolling in.


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