fat corrupt pig crispy crisp

well, i live in new jersey. as i had no choice in where i was to live i guess i done good judging by all the people from all over the world i met here.

fat corrupt pig crispy crisp says that an atom power plant leaking tritium into the water supply is just ok. since nothing gets contaminated for 15 years why worry about it now. then he sez profitable companies who dump rocket fuel and contaminated the water happened too long ago to collect retribution from rich people. he sed shit like that. but dont he look like he drank kool aide made with water that is contaminated with tritium and rocket fuel? well? dont he?

so now that fat pig is all over saying he didnt know that his TOP MEN were rerouting traffic at the GWB to fuck up the town of fort lee. he denies any knowledge. he “fired” some assistants, threw them under the bus in a desperate gesture to save hiz big fat ass. why did his assistance refuse to testify? he got contempt charges. there is more to this. fat pig gots his greasy fingers all over it. what crispy needs is a trip to israel, that’s the ticket.

crispy crisp is a bully and a pulley. he is on his own ego power trip (just like me). he wants the presidency so he can get the best medical care when he needs quadruple bypass. yeah, my taxes have to pay for his heroic medical care while i get squat. if crispy was a hero i wouldnt mind but he is just a heel and a cad.

i have half a mind to vote for him to get him out of trenton and into washington. then he’s your problem also. aint i mean?

i say crispy crisp should team up with jeb bush and run on the people of walmart ticket. it’s a shoe in. never underestimate the ignorance and stupidity of the uhmerikan voter. they voted O!bama in twice, they voted bush jr. in twice, they voted clinton in twice and most likely do it again (you dont think bill ran the country, do you?).

what you say we put dat fat pig in dee white house and watch him choke on a chicken bone?


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