canon g15

although i own a few DSLR’s i often like to carry lightly when on a photo op. i have been buying cheap point and shoots just to have a camera and be discrete. the latest addition to my collection is the canon g15.

the g15 has an f1.8-f2.8 6.1mm-30.5mm zoom  lens of the highest quality. it has an optical viewfinder as well as a hi-res LCD screen. i use the optical viewfinder in bright sunlight. the optical viewfinder undershoots the scene and crops it but accurate enough. i is distortion free as compared to less expensive p&s.

the g15 is a big camera for a p&s but will fit comfortable in a coat pocket and even a side pocket of a pair of slacks, depending. the model i have is black with a textured finish that gives a very sure grip and lessens the chance of slipping and dropping.

i have decided i like Av mode. i set the aperture and the camera picks shutter speed. i usually adjust ISO to freeze motionto keep my F/n. the g15 has P and Tv and a a scene mode and full manual. the aperture can only stop down to f/8 but a large range of shutter speeds. the image stabilizer actually works! 

any one who has used most canon products will feel comfortable using this camera’s menus. button layout is somewhat different but the icons are the same.

compared to a DSLR the chip is noisy over 400 ISO but much better than cheaper p&s. it uses SD cards and has a special Li-on battery with an external charger. it is a hefty device but comfortably so. it has a pop up flash and a hot shoe. it has the option of adding lens attachments. i dont intend to purchase these. if i want to do long tele or extreme macro i just whistle up a DSLR.

the g15 does movies also. i like doing movies in a p&s. just short clips of a minute or less. what surprised me the most? it is made in japan and the quality that implies. the price is high, about $400 but you can shop around for package deal that include a memory card, a mini tripod and an extra battery.

i always wait until the next model comes out then the previous one is discounted. get one, it is a real camera. it takes excellent photos with outstanding color.


IMG_0147 (2)_nyc

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