made in china

back in the day of stone knives and bearskins, when desktop computers ran 386 cpu at 30 mhz, updates were frequent. it seemed a new faster cpu would come out 6 months later. i learned very quickly to stay one upgrade behind. it was the $99 upgrade. computers used to be expensive. imagine paying $1000 for a pentium II 350mhz with 256 megabytes of ram!

just about then, that is the early 1990’s cheap no name components from china were hitting the PC expo rounds. a PC expo is sort of like a flea market or swap meet for computer users.

i was always in lower paying jobs. i was nowhere near well to do. i would economize. i would buy the cheapest components i could get. that included add on cards such as serial and parallel ports, graphic cards, memory chips and mother boards.

i discovered that low cost chinese components had a 50% failure rate. what i did was buy 2 of what ever. if one failed i plugged in the other one. even allowing for the throw away it was cheaper than buying an upscale name brand component.

some things like cpu’s were branded and they almost never failed. i think maybe i had 2 die in 30 years. i dont want to sound racist or politically incorrect but stuff from taiwan, even no name stuff was better than “made in china” branded gear. this is of course not scientific and strictly anecdotal. however i hold electronics with a taiwan origin in high regards to this day.

well, the made in  china stuff was cheap. and those cards that did work lasted as long as anything else. the end user in uhmerika had to pay to be the last QC inspector. still, before i discovered the buy 2 get one doctrine of chinese dumping i was often stuck with a computer with a malfunctioning and hence unavailable hardware feature.

so now i want to discuss the “jade rabbit”, china’s lunar rover. “THE FIRST TIME IN FORTY YEARS!” well, it just seems the damned thing crapped out like so many of those add on computer cards i bought. the chinese should have known to send two rovers to make sure they got one to work properly. i say it is karma or the principle of yin and yang.

right back at cha ,”made in china”. you know, i buy lots of stuff made in china. the quality has gone up tremendously. in uhmerika, one would be hard pressed to find anything not made in china. i reviewed some cameras that have been made in china in previous postings to this blog. still, seeing they were all brand name merchandise i think there was some sort of  method to made sure defective products didnt reach the customer.

i am pleased to see this defective merchandise on the moon, made in china, indeed. YO! why doesnt the peoples’ republic of shoddy products byte my hairy hard drive!

















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