made in uhmerika, NOT!

yeah, i am an uhmerikan for what it’s worth, which is next to nuthin these days.

i work in the QC field. i actually measure stuff and document it. i can see why uhmerikan manufacturing is dead. it is more important to meet a delivery date than to send out a quality product. it is more important to get the billing than send out a quality product.

my boss gets angry at me when he sees me measuring the dimensions of our product. he says it takes too long, we will miss delivery. it wont get billed this month. hurry, Hurry, HURRY! so stuff goes out dee doh and comes back next month for repair or replacement.

there is a disclaimer. any large  quantity of units for manufacture gets done in china. but china wont do anything much under 10,000 units. it’s the tooling and set up. so uhmerika does the short runs of of one and two, maybe 100.

some companies build big specialized machines, maybe they only make 10 or 20 a year but they cost a million bucks or more. maybe another company services very old machines that the OEM has abandoned. those guys come to us for low volume replacement parts.

a reasonable person would think that it is important to deliver a product that meets all specifications. i would but all these shit hole mom and pop shops are at a cutthroat dog eat dog  competition and they think that by sending out a sub par product on time is a good business practice.

well, uhmerika is dead already, we just dont know it yet. stick a fork in our ass and turn us over. we is done.

so i spend a large amount of time filling out inspection reports. my boss tells me to just make the entries up. if do a pre manufacture check, i often do. but maybe someone else does the pre check. i how do i know they missed something? how do i know i missed something? what with me boss screaming at me to HURRY UP!

well, things get through, by rights there should be more than one inspector. but that would cost the company wages and hence profit. let the customer do the final QC. then so sorry and repair or replace.


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