my own little ice age

late january 2014. yup, we got us a cold snap. teens for high single digits at night, 10 days in a row. for my climate that is about right for january. some pundits are calling for a new ice age but neglect to mention the heat wave that is hitting alaska.

i got some snow but not as much as i have got. just 2 or 3 years ago there was deep snow and frigid weather. i remember 2 snow storms a week one winter but no one said a new ice age was coming then. if i get snow in june i think i may get scared. however, i remember one spring where i had frost up until memorial day. every day before i drove to work i had to scrape some “scrum” off the windshield. but…every afternoon  was 80 degrees and pleasant. i remember plenty of aprils where i stomped on old man winter’s face with a boot. some snow, maybe from shoveling it into a 6 foot pile, had remained in a small patch about 4 inches thick and 2 feet wide hiding in the shade of a hemlock tree. so one warm afternoon i broke it up to hasten it’s melting.

of course i dont like it. i hate having to pretend it isnt 10 degrees every morning on the way to work. i still fear snow storms and maybe missing a day at work and wages. but man must wage war on nature. man has machines and petroleum to surmount nature and push it aside. but is nature fighting back? arent those machines and petroleum our weakness as well as our strength?



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