crispy crisp big fat mouth

some pundits are saying that crispy crisp is being torpedoed to clear the way for hillary goddam clinton to win the white house. just maybe crispy crisp aint no better than any other self serving politician.

crispy once sed:

“The longer we vote them in,” he said in a 2008 speech, “the more bulletproof they feel, and the more entitled they feel to become corrupt.”

and then we had bridgegate. crispy’s “unmonitored” underlings had lane closures to divert traffic at the GWB. well, just maybe…in a quantum universe anything is possible except some things are improbable….

but then crispy used the state helicopter to visit hiz kid’s soft ball game and had to pony up $2000 to cover it and got all huffy about it. then hurricane sandy blew in and crispy rode that helicopter all over in “emergency” mode. but hiz girth requires extra fuel to get the thing off the ground. indeed, they has to load fuel for an extra person. and i haz to pay it in taxes!


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