50 degrees F, feb 2,2014

yep, 50 degrees F on ground hog’s day. where are all the ice agers who were screaming POLAR VORTEX!? the 1st was uncommon warm and the 31st was warmer than expected.

still i remember a february back in ’77 or there abouts when the whole freaking month was in the 50’s.

well, the seattle seahawks done won dee super bowl becuz they bought seattle like weather to the great state of new jerky. it’s some sort of spell or trance.

i hung wiff dee GF until 6:30 pm which was kickoff and drove home. the roads were desolate, traffic light or nonexistent. i think everyone was home watching the game to see if there was to be a terror attack.

but..but..the warm weather? as i always say, climate is what you expect and weather is what you get. there is talk on the inter tubes about 3 feet of snow on the 8th. now the weather men, a terrorist organization, sed that saturday, the 1st was supposed to have snow. that didnt pan out at all. so i am thinking that the fact “they” say 3 feet of snow is a good thing. iffen “they” was to say mild then i would start to worry.


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