Use of water ‘your decision,’ Tomblin says

from the wvgazette:

an industrial company spilled toxic chemicals into a river that 300,000 people used for drinking. the asshole gooberner of west virgina,  Earl Ray Tomblin, told the people of his state, “It’s your decision,” the governor told reporters during a news conference at the Capitol. “If you do not feel comfortable drinking or cooking with this water, then use bottled water.” WTF!?!?

why aint his punk ass flown down to gitmo cube bur and water boarded? i would personally water board that moe foe. every time i let him up for air i would tell him that he has to decide if the water is safe. after i done this for 24 hours i would visit him the next day.

i would give him jugs of water with  chemical Crude MCHM in it and give him a decision, to drink the stuff or under go another round of water boarding. i would allow him to decide if he would like to shower in water that smelled like licorice  or do more water boarding. AND! i would keep him there for years as an enemy of the people a true bona fide terrorist.

say.. exactly where is home land suckcurity when you really need it. shouldnt they have been grabbing the crotches of the guys running freedom industries?

aint uhmerika one of the most fucked up countries on the face of the world? a guy who was voted in by the people practically tells the voters to fuck off. just in that statement anyone should be able to determine who his loyalty lies to. and here’s the kicker you can bet a plug hobo nickel those same dumb ass voters will re elect that fucking asshole. that alone should reveal to everyone uhmerika is a fucked up nation.

want more proof? no one will go to jail. i seen a picture of the governor and the men who ran the company that spilled the chemicals. they are all white. but shouldnt we be calling them niggers? there aint nuthin worse than a white nigger. a nigger is anyone who deserves scorn and shunning and to be spat on and have human dignity taken away from them. i say the governor and the owners past and present of freedom industries fit that description, niggers all. being a nigger doesnt depend on the color of your skin. it’s a way of saying who is better and who is not.

this is what white people do,”i’m white, you are white, so i am going to run my business where if it poisons a river, you wont do anything because we are both white”. basically what that white person is telling the other white person that he is willing to treat the second white person as a nigger to make a profit.  the second white person should have told the first white person, “hold on there nigger, that dont sound like a good idea”.

instead, the first white person convinces the second white person that some other person with black skin is a nigger and gets the second white person to hate the black person. true story.

take crispy crisp, the pugnacious gooberner of new jerky. if every time he done sumpin stupid and some one called him a nigger, well, i jest bet he never would have closed the lanes to the GWB. sometimes you jest has to call a spade a spade. lots of white niggers all over, many in positions of power. that is what we is up agin. deez white niggers is got us poe workin folks fight agin each other becuz of the color of our skin while thye be treating all of us like we are niggers where the fact of the matter they is the ones who be niggers…


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