bipolar vortex

i steal other people’s ideers becuz i am like dat, i like to think i am popularizing popular kulchure. still, the concept is useful enough. i has only ben stumbling around for the proper handle for it.

today the 4th was warm and sunny with significant melt back from monday’s storm. those terrorists, the weathermen, now say tuesday night and wedensday morning will bring more snow and ice and freezing rain and sleet.

lucklishly for all concerned we have this extreme weather. it is bipolar. no getting around it.  some very cold then very warm some very snowy then very rainy.

in the past i has had problems what where to put all the snow.  i had huge piles of it that lasted for weeks and months and didnt go away until late april or early may. this winter i has gotten now about 30 inches of real snow easy and mebbe more. i may have 8 inches in the back yard. it’s a classic freeze thaw cycle.

i kaint understand the push and shove of the global warmers and ice agers. it just appears to me that climate is chaotic.

so i may get another 4 to 10 inches overnite. then that internet rumor of 3 feet for 8th through 12th is still making the rounds. i read that upstate NY got 3 feet of snow due to lake effect last month.

what i like about this winter is everyone in the metro ny area is getting clobbered pretty much evenly. years ago it seemed that only my neck of the woods got the dumping of the white stuff. i drive to work 30 air mile south east and every one laffs at me. you got 8 inches? we only got 3 inches, HA-HA!

what i noticed these last few years is me getting less than those more urban areas. now it is my turn to say ha-ha!

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