the “n” word

i live in uhmerika and all that implies. i would like to say it is an awesome experience but it’s just the drab scum of routine. sure, the elite owners of uhmerika get to have all the fun. they just keep the rest of us around until they can perfect their robot slaves.

i hope the elite owners, the white niggers, treat their robot slaves so bad the robots rise up in revolt and wipe them out. it would be karma, this way the elite owners could be rich in satirical irony also.

well, it just seems i worked the “n” word into yet another blog post. look it, it’s nothing personal. it’s just that nigger has certain meaning in uhmerika. it implies that people of dark skin from africa mostly but south america or even asia or austrailia or where ever brown skin people are just aint as good as white folks. that is the root of the matter.

well, let us explore that concept. i haint heard of any black or brown people developing the atomic bomb. nope, that great invention is the sole and exclusive property of white people and more specific of  white men. why they even tried it out on yellow people becuz they were considered sub human at the time.

my pap used to call people from japan gooks or dirty rat back stabbin japs. i suspect the military goobermint of the days of double you double two demonized the japs to make it easier to kill them.

it’s just a fact that uhmerika is based on racism. now the word nigger is politically incorrect. so much so that only a nigger can call a nigger a nigger. but i jest and digress.

i think that rich white men who O!press the working class and destroy the environment and steal all the money should be called niggers. my pap hated black people so he called them niggers i hate corrupt business men, politicians and cops so i call them niggers. english isnt a dead language yet and i would like to think it’s evolving.

take the word gay, look how it has changed, same with queer or bully fer instance. why shouldnt the meaning of the word nigger change?

but… what if a black person was a corrupt business man or politician or cop? well, we would just have to call him a nigger also. not becuz he is dark skinned but becuz he is corrupt. i’ll warrant there are more corrupt white business men, politicians and cops than black ones  anyway.

still, even low grade thugs and petty thieves can be called niggers also. how about a doktor who kills too many people? NIGGER! journalist on the take? NIGGER! terrorist? NIGGER! it’s just niggers all around. i dont think we should white wash the word nigger. we should just use it for the folks who need to be called it the most and that is rich  white niggers, the worst kind of nigger there is.


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