white makes right

i be a white man. so you would think i have white privilege. to a degree i do but i also have white responsibility. what that means is i dont go looking for trouble or intentionally breach the law or disturb the state’s peace. every day i go to work and return home and pay my bills and pay my taxes.

all around me i see white people engaging in improprieties. i also see many non white folks engaging in actions outside the law. that is what bothers me. maybe i am angry at myself for being afraid of getting caught.  many people do get caught and go through the system and continue to do dumb things.

it’s just easier to stay out of the rookas of the millicents than get thrown in the stripy hole or the barghy place. if not that it cost lots of money to achieve justice.  i’m fine not paying any fines.

there are white people and then there are white people. white people with lots of money can buy many things. money can get a white person out of any jam. killed your wife? killed your wife’s lover? raped a child? import tons of illegal drugs? dump toxic chemicals with loss of life?  steal billions of dollars? hey! just pony up some money and get out of jail. that’s it.

i am just a white person. i aint a rich white person. i am smart enough to be honest and i dont have to deal with law enforcement or goobermint officials. so the man leaves me alone. i guess i am lazy. planning a crime takes effort.

i am afraid of criminals. i dont associate with any. i am afraid of cops also and i dont associate with any. i get oncomfortable around goobermint officials the same why i do around criminals. i am not sure i can tell the difference.

what irks me is that, being white, i have to abide by all these rules and regulations to be left alone while all round me i see rich white people, whom i call niggers, do all sorts of crazy things and get away with it. then i see non white people, who other white people call niggers, do all sorts of crazy things and get away with it.

lots of non white people do end up in prison. jails is big business. the goobermint spends huge amounts of tax money on ed-u-kashun and then spends even more on incarceration. i dont get it. i must be missing something.

i met many criminally minded folks on the job. seems many employers hire ex cons, junkies and under educated folks becuz they work cheap or the goobermint kicks in a portion of wages. the workers make low wages and supplement income by continuing illicit activity.

most of the white trash i met usually get hammered with DWI or DUI. they lose driver’s license and pay hefty fines and insurance surcharges. many go on to do it again and again. i met lots of folks from other countries who come from an environment of corruption and lax law enforcement and continue those ways here in uhmerika.

that is what makes uhmerika great, freedom to do dumb things.

now a days uhmerika has achieved a level playing field. even non white people with lots of money can buy their way out of trouble. it may cost a little more but they avoid jail. non white rich people have a higher status than non rich white people. the correct color to be in uhmerika is green, the color of money.

so we still have racism in uhmerika and a caste system. there are many levels depending how much bucks you got.

to be honest, i am white and i live in a white area. i never go to places where non whites are the majority. i do work in a city that is mostly non white but i dont stray far from the industrial section to go exploring. i dont go any where where rich people of any color go. there are many neutral areas in uhmerika, stores and public places where rich and non rich and white and non white commingle. knowing how to comport oneself public wise is very helpful. but being white why should i have to?

perhaps being white has conferred on me some minor advantage over being non white. still, not having lots of money to cushion myself from my own folly means i have to behave myself. that is sound wisdom for any one. YO!


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