skool launch

yeah, uhmerika. i shouldnt have to write anything more you should just be laffing now. some skool in utah took a bunch of lunches away from kids and THREW THEM OUT (the lunches not the kids) becuz the kids’ parents were behind on lunch payment. the administrators, who make big bucks, did this in front of all the kids. it is a slap in the face. the parent is fucked up so lets’ treat the kidz fucked becuz we are fucked up,UMERIKAN LOGIC!

it gets better when this news hit the inter tubes the skool district was flamed and they repented, saying sorry, big mistake, we shouldnt have done that?

it gets even better, some guy in another state pays all the arrears on the kidz lunch tab. UHMERIKA!

today, the 6th i just paid my property taxes. i dont really own my house even though i have a deed. i rent it from the town. they will kick me out and sell it for pennies on the dollar to get THEIR money.

my 1st quarter taxes are $2035. they did plow the street yesterday. the town didnt really. they have broken down 20 year old plow. what the town did do was hire contractors to plow the snow. i bet that fellow made in one day what i make in one week. the town went and got a grant from the state to put up a 4 faced tower clock, cost $300,000. a new plow cost $80,000. didnt get a grant for that, something useful and practical. i have a wrist watch and the car has a clock in it. i dont have a snow plow.

to get back to skool. half my property taxes goes to the BOE, bored of ed-u-kay-shun. the BOE wants to give a principal a $12,000 bonus. principals make $120,000 in my town. that is 10%. that is 18 months of my property taxes. i dont get no 10% bonus or raise. times is hard except for certain people.

do you think that principal would give money to pay those kidz lunch bill? HELL! FUCKING! NO! people who get money from the BOE always say, “think of the children”. they want the tax payer to increase his/her burden so they can get more money. i say let the parents keep as much money as they can so they can pay skool lunches. which begs the question? if taxes are so onerous and high why does a parent have to pay for lunch?


we had a skool super. was in town a few yeers. most big wigs in skool biz are job hoppers. they bounce around getting more money. this super was named kampe. he retired with a $500,000 retirement payment on top of hiz pension. he got to keep hiz cell phone and a computer. damn, with all that money couldnt he have got his own? did he think of the children?

HELL! FUCKING! NO! i never once heard of him doing any charitable works or paying off kidz skool tabs. all that money he got came from parents’ high taxes. maybe both parents have to work becuz of it and the children dont get proper instruction at home. didnt asshole kampe think of that? THINK OF THE CHILDREN’S PARENTS! this ass took the half million and then told the voters to pass the BOE budget.

all these administrators are tin pot despots. if i had seen a principal drive a truck and plow my street i would not begrudge him a bonus. i never read of a principal painting the skool over summer vacation or mowing the lawn. shouldnt we expect more from a person who is making so much money? maybe principals should ride shot gun with the poe-lease to catch drug dealers who are destroying the community. i wouldnt begrudge such a principal of a bonus.

i look at jobs on craig’s list and see what is expected from the average job seeker. multi tasking for low wages, exposure to toxic chemicals and unsafe work conditions, few holidays (certainly not 3 months off), costly low coverage¬† medical insurance, NO JOB SECURITY, no pension, no nuthin.

i hate to say it but i think most folks who work for the BOE are niggers. anyone who would take a kid’z lunch and trow it away in front of the other kidz and let it be know it was done becuz the kid’z parents didnt pay the bill is a nigger in my book. A NIGGER! yo!


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