rock candy mountain

Ahhh, the Big Rock Candy Mountains. Where they hung the jerk that invented work.

Seriously, that guy was an asshole. what ever are we to do when we have robots to do everything? how will we spend out time?doing drugs and fornicating? kill each other? how will bosses control the masses? will there be a need for money? ROBOTS MAKE EVERYTHING! FREE FOOD!

so i live in uhmerika. i wuz born here. it wuz an accident as far as i know. mebbe i picked bean here, mebbe it wuz picked for me. it’s intangible. uhmerika is the land of plenty. i watch the price of food go up, double in most cases but i can still buy food. energy went up but i still buy it. to be uhmerikan means using (wasting) energy and everything  at any cost.

i got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work today. overnite left 2 inches of snow, about 5 centimeters. folks on the planet zxqr would say the got flblflb qpqp. in practical terms it meant i had to remove it. it was shallow enough just to shovel without starting a machine. i had to leave late for work. the highway was packed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive. it took me 30 minnits to got 5 miles. lucklishly, my fellow commuters behaved themselves. still, i will never get that 30 minnits back. i lissened to van cliburn on  classical FM radio, it warnt a total waste. EXCEPT! i had to go to work any way. where are those dam-ded robots when you really need them.

it’s the drab scum of routine. to me the commute to work was a waste of gaz-o-leen. what better way could i have consumed that gallon of juice? i need the money i get in wages. with that money i can make a car payment, insurance on the car, heat my house, internet, buy gas-o-leen to go to work, buy food, service some credit card debt.

on the bright side my extravagant lifestyle affords me the leisure of contemplating it and posting the existential dread of it all on my blog. uhmerika has wasted enough money to build a moon base and send men to mars. it wasted enough to send an AI star ship to alpha centuria. uhmerkia has wasted enough money to feed the world. uhemrika has spent enough money to raise a race of super geniuses but produced nothing but a nation of dumbasses.

take justin bieber, uhmerika has such a need for dumbass role models we even import them from canada. does uhmerika have such a shortage of dumbasses we have to fly them in and pay them lots of money to do stupid things? yet…we wont pay a thin dime for any one to do anything smart.

uhemeirka can spy on everyone but cant do nuthin about it. it tends too kill the wrong people and reward the wrong people. 

uhmerika wastes everything, time, money, and people, just uses them up for no purpose and chucks them away.

i used to think uhmerica had a pollution gap. i see other nations destroying the environment and i am worried we aint #1! it looks like china has that sewed up. still, uhmerika is a close 2nd and we are really trying. derailed trains carrying tar sand oil, unregulated industries “accidently” spilling toxic chemicals into rivers hundreds of thousands depend on for drinking, random factories blowing up and taking out towns. yeah, i would say we are giving china a run for 1st place. if that dont prove uhmerika is the land of dumbasses nothing will. how about pumping 100  billions of gallons of water and weird chemicals deep under ground to release natural gas? it’s causing earthquakes where there never used to be any. “they” say the weird chemicals dont pollute the water but it does. if anything puts uhmerika in 1st place for short sighted environmental destruction it will be fracking. there you go china, let’s see you fuck things up worse than that! i doudle dawg dare yah! 

O!bamacare sans affordable care act. there aint nuthin affordable about it. i decide to pay the fine rather give it, yes, give it to the insurance industry. it just seems that medical care is being rationed in umerika. why dont we invent medic bots, like in star wars?  oh, uhmeika has wasted so much money it could have provided medical care to all it’s citizens. KNEE GROW!


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