“seperates us from monkeys”

i am discussing this article:


these monkeys used a special machine to study brain activity in different monkeys, one is “us” and the other,well, monkeys. they concluded just becuz we have a “special” area in our brains active that separates us from monkeys. monkeys fling poop and we fling atomic bombs. i dont really see the difference.

i defy any one reading this post to deny they have never scratched their ass, picked his/her nose, wanted to kill someone over some perceived infraction to your dignity, farted in a public place or never eaten a banana.

maybe monkeys are better off without that “unique” brain area. monkeys dont have to go to work or pay O!bamacare. besides from producing hitler we type of monkeys produced justin beiber. i dont understand how that special part of the brain is serving us well. monkeys didnt produce the atom bomb.monkeys dont argue about global warming.

“The area, part of the ventrolateral (at the front and side) frontal cortex, is likely to help us plan for the future, learn things from others, behave flexibly, along with other complex tasks.”

so let me get this straight, my town spent $300,000 for a 4 faced tower clock when what we need is 2 new snow plows and employees to run them. wouldnt planning for the future, say making sure the town can dig out it’s citizens be more important than a tower clock? of course, just maybe a goobermint isnt in the business of providing snow removal, it’s best out sourced. but why provide the service of time keeping? if the town clock showed the phases of the moon and the positions of the sun and planets along the ecliptic AND had  animatronic figures that did a dance, well!, i would just love that clock. THAT would separate us from the monkeys fur shur. hell, even a big giant sundial with statues of naked people that shot off a canon at local noon would have done the trick. with a clock like that the town would not even have to pave the roads let alone plow them.  why has the goobermint decided it is to be in the business of providing plain old time that i can get off the radio in my car or the clock in my car or one of my 3 wrist watches? why did the town decide it was worth spending $300,000? even if it was a grant couldnt they have gotten a grant for fixing many of the bridges that seem to be decaying?

maybe that is what separates us from the monkeys. when will scientists find out what part of the brain makes us dumbasses?



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  1. Have you been to the PL yet?

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