a right brutal winter

i got a bunch of electronic digital thermometers. some of them are “weather stations”. those indicate barometric pressure and humidity.

i got two old fashioned weather stations. these are completely mechanical. the only input they need are the local air pressure and humidity to deflect  a needle to move along a calibrated graduated dial. for all practical purposes they are perpetual motion machines, as long as the earth exists.

the electronic digital type need batteries, AA or AAA type. i use recharge NIMH type. i avoided a mountain of disposable batteries and the hidden cost of always purchasing them. the recharge last at least 3 months. they have been replaced in december of 2013 and i write at the end of february 2014. soon i must recharge and replace the batteries.

digital has one advantage, a memory. the thermometers/weather stations record the max/min conditions. so here are the max/min for the last 3 months:

max: 62.1


well, what a range that is. sort of inconclusive either to global warming or ice age. i would dare say the weather is chaotic. if it had stayed all cold through the last 3 months or all warm through the last 3 months i would see a trend. less than 2 weeks ago i had a mega snow storm. now about 50% is gone. just the last friday, saturday and sunday above average, knocked that polar vortex on it’s ass. now it is in the teens at night and low 30’s during the day.

as of today i still got a good 10 inches of snow on the roof but that is far less than 2 feet it was a fortnight ago. all i do is report the facts. i dont want to be a shrill pundit becuz i aint being paid to crow one way or tuh other. i is available to TPTB to join the ranks of opinion makers. i will become a troll but my pride must be purchased dearly. i will not lie or misdirect for trifles.



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