YES! we have know bananas

i eat one banana every day to keep in touch with me monkey roots. ooo–ahhh-eee! i got to super market. i live in uhmerika. i dont have to climb a tree or any thing monkey like. bananas range between 49 cents and 79 cents per pound. i can never figger out how the super market sets the price. i suppose elite criminal wall street banksters set the price just like they set the price of gold or oil.

but i complain. i need my banana fix. i buy the price be damned! besides it is not technically feasible to store bananas. sometimes all the bananas are ripe and yellow. i buy six which means the first few will be at peak of flavor but the last few will be past prime am bruised and brown and pasty.  but the next time i go the bananas are rock hard green. so the first few are funky raw and the next few are almost edible.

some times, just some times, i can get mebbe four that are just almost ripe and 4 that are just a little green. when i eat the first four the second four are at perfection.

well, mostly i can get a “good” banana. me GF sez to put them in the fridge. the skins go brown but the insides stay preserved. i dont like extended chilled bananas. what wiff global warming i think bananas should grow in the 30 mile radius of NYC.

we dont have flying cars, no jet packs, no lunar bases, no manned trips to mars, no submerged cities, no nothing! why cant we genetically combine bananas with sumac trees? i think we should have a purge of scientists who have sold out to corporatism. just behead them all.



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