follow your bliss

well, i think not. look what following your bliss has done to uhmerika. i think a better slogan would to “follow yur piss”. sure, go outside and take a leak. what what way the puddle breaks and flows, then just go that way.

what do you think the white house is doing? pissing down yur back and calling it rain?


rich white men sez no work for you

“a nigger, bill gates, sez in 15 yeers from now, that is 2029, there aint gonna be no work for no one. machines will flip burgers. dat nigger sez skools are graduating dumbasses. he sez the world will be too complex. doesnt dat sound like a recipe for disaster? bill gtes wuz just recently upgraded to the richest man in the world.

THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD SEZ KIDS WONT BE SMART ENOUGH TO GET WORK IN 15 YEERS! but dont tax dat bastid to improve skools. no way, tax working class stiffs like my self. dont give me good money for my job. no sir. dont give me as pension or medical insurance or hollerdayz  or sick days. just beat me down.

allan greenspam, another nigger, that is rich white man, sez the trick is to increase the quota of H-1B  visas. iffen our skools kaint produce the low paid workers we need just import dem from sommers else. yup, dat’s dee ticket. only a nigger wood think to do dat.

check out what diz nigger is sayn:

In the context of income inequality, Greenspan put the H-1B program in his light: If the program were expanded, income wouldn’t necessarily go down much, “but I bet you they would go down enough to really make an impact, because income inequality is a relative concept. People who are absolutely at the top of the scale in say 1925 would be getting food stamps today,” said Greenspan.

“You don’t have to necessarily bring up the bottom if you bring the top down,” said Greenspan.

this what rich white men have planned out fur dumb uhmerikans. mebbe it is best if russia turns us into radioactive ash. stick a fork in our asses and turn us over. we is done!

kap’n kirk vs justin beiber

kap’n kirk wuz arrested in new zealand for drunk driving. they fined him and took away hiz driver’s license. kap’n kirk is an uhmerikan actor. not willam shatner, the other one in the reboot.

now justin beiber is a canadian. he wuz drunk and drag racing and no one fined him yet. still i think it will cost justin beiber lot’s of money for being a dumbass. aint you proud to be  a memeber of the same monkey sphere as these two clowns? dont you want to email skynet with the subject title,”KILL ALL HUMANS!”

sort makes me wish a little bit that russia would turn uhmerika into radioactive ash. mebbe it will scare all the rats out. and “the man” wont have to pay yur social security either! and you wont have to pay off yur credit cards! it’s a win-win situation all around.

bring it awn

some dumbass ex president of uhmerika sed dat when he engaged war wiff a country he knew hiz military could defeat. the reason they went to war? dat other country wanted to sell oil for gold instead of dollars.

so now russia sez, “Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash”. wow. let’s see if president O!bama sez, “bring it awn”. he jest might all those muckitty-mucks have secret bat caves to hide in while the citizens get turned into radioactive ash. i wish some honorable LGBT diplomat would step forward and lead the world on the path to peace and prosperity.

LGBT are better than anyone else at everything. so here is where we find dat out but by the time hillary becomes president we will all be dead.

so what is more important?  that mick jagger’s girlfriend hung herself with a designer scarf or that russia can turn uhmerika into a sci-fi movie? maybe there will be zombies? maybe there will be one family left to fight the hordes. then mutant apes will take over the earth. oh-oh! what a minnit that already happened. we are the mutant apes. MONKEY SPHERE!

what if television presenter Dmitry Kiselyov was told to say that  on his weekly current affairs show by skynet? KILL ALL HUMANS!

rich white woman kills herself

it’s the headline….”Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend Designer L’Wren Scott Commits Suicide”, well who cares? why is this bean shoved in my face? i never heard of her before. i have heard of mick jagger.

this guy i used to work with, he got fired. he became a junkie. i heard he was stealing raw material and going to the scrap yard. he paid the boss back for the amount agreed to and the boss cut him loose. now mebbe he is dead or almost dead.

i ax youse all, which is the worser tragedy? i red dat dee uhmerikan goobermint only has enough resources patrolling certain countries in south uhmerika to interdict only 20% of the cocaine headed towards the usa. the task force commander says he has to sit and watch as the 80% sails by. and….the uhmerikan goobermint is cutting funding for hiz task force. do you know what dat means? more junkies, dat’s wut.

mebbe all doze junkies are committing suicide but i say the uhmerkian goobermint is committing murder, MURDER! and what of the elite criminal banksters of wall street? aint dey dee ones providing “market demand” for all dat coke?

when duh taliban ran afghanistan there warnt much heroin about. dey stopped it. now  dat the uhmerikan miltary haz “liberated” afghanistan there shore seems to be a lot of dope on dee streets. and dat’s dee way “the man” wants it. i wonder if “the man” is gay? mebbe “the man” is really skynet. KILL ALL HUMANS!


you’re gay? SO WHAT?!?!

yeah, like get out of my face about u bean gay. i dint kair when u wuz in the closet. i dont kair now u out. nope, not one little tiny bit. and all that shit about u bean better than me? can it.

it’s my altitude for everything LGBT. so what? who kairz? u can be married now? so what? i dont bother people with my straightness.

i axed the check out lady at the supermarket why i cant find the house whole bean coffee. she told me that she hadnt seen them in a few months. but then she starts telling me about her boyfriend’s coffee drinking habits. i didnt want to know dat. later, i realized she thought i was “cracking”on her. she wuz using her boyfriend as a shield.

this happened previous some yeers ago in a dept store. i axed the lady how come i couldnt find the packages of socks on sale in my size.  she did get some but then she brings up her boyfriend. she wuz using him as a shield becuz she thought i wuz cracking on her. i wuznt. i just wanted to know where the socks are. they mistook my banal filler for dealing with strangers as a puck up. they must be totally deranged. neither of these gals were worth my time of trying to do a hook up.

but now i am afraid to ask male clerks a simple question becuz if they are gay they will think i am trying to pick them up and i will have turn them down.

i find it’s best to ask old clerks questions. they just seem to think you need the info you are asking about. or conversely i ask very young and good looking clerks who are used to really being cracked on and when you just ask a simple question they also assume you just want that information.

if LGBT people really wanted acceptance of society then they should just accept society. the biggest turn off is when you get up in some one’s face and tell them how “special” you are. you are not special. you are a dumbass just like everyone else.

i dont want to kill anyone. i dont want my goobermint, the uhmerikan goobermint, to tell me to go kill people. yet, now LGBT people are proud that they are brainwashed by “the man” to join his kill other people organization. that means certain LGTB people have bought into the whole military industrial paradigm. arent there any LGBT honorable statesmen? those who would advert war? those who will organize for true and lasting prosperous peace for all?

when i go to the doktor i dont want to know if they are LGBT. when i go to the mechanic i dont want to know if they are LGBT. i dont want to know if the garbage collector is LGBT. i dont need to kow if a comic book super hero is LGBT.  i dont want to know if the dog catcher is LGBT. i dont want to know if a sports figure is LGBT. i dont need to know how many sex partners a straight sports figure has had either.

it seems to me that folks are just bragging about their sex lives straight or LGBT. i just dont like it bean forced on me. other societies have ways of dealing with LGBT. in some cultures, if you are gay you become a priest and every one knows it. most of these cultures are being over run by the big main stream religions.

gay people help curb population growth by not breeding. thumbs up!

back when i wuz a kid if you sed someone or something is queer, it meant strange, then queer meant “homer sexual” , now that i am an old man you can say some one or something is queer and it means strange again.

i wood rather be a mad scientist than a gay scientist. BAWWW-HAH-HAH! is that queer?

“the irish”

you cant make this shit up, from:

The President was speaking the traditional Shamrock ceremony at the White House as part of the St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

The issue of immigration reform was a priority for the Irish Government delegation, led by Enda Kenny.

The delegation has been lobbying in Washington during the St Patrick’s Day trip for reforms to benefit the 50,000 undocumented Irish there.

President Obama said too many undocumented Irish were denied the chance to contribute to society as they were not able to pay taxes through the tax system.

“The American dream has always been the Irish-American dream,” he said, “and that’s why so many of you have been working with us to fix our broken immigration system.

“Under today’s laws, your parents and grandparents may not have made it here. Too many men and women who want to contribute to our economy are being denied that chance.”