useless eaters

the smart phone maker,”orange” is spending billions of dollars to build a factory in the uhmerikan dessert. “edison”, the electric car manufacturer is also spending billions of dollars to build a factory in the uhmerikan dessert. in fact, both parties have sat down to secret meatings.

orange makes the youphone. all thier products just have “you” in front of another word, youpad, youpod, youphone. i bet they want to make a youcar.

edison wants to build powerful batteries that havent been invented yet. orange needs to build robots to make their youphones. the concept is to dump dirt in one end of the factory and have product come out the other end. the corporations dont want to pay meatbags wages or salaries.

you may scoff especially about shoveling dirt in one end. take a look around you dumbass. everything you own came from the earth, metal, rare earths (get it?) in yur electronics, glass, plastic from oil pumped out of the ground. man made just means ape altered.

the ores of the various minerals will be dumped on a RTDS (resource transportation distribution system), be refined and further transported and distributed to special automatic artificial intelligent robots who will punch, press, machine, color, fabricate, assemble, test and package for delivery the final product.

what if, without meatbag employees, the smart phone only cost one uhmerikan dollar to make? how much mark up should there be? the one uhmerikan dollar includes all R&D for factory development. shouldnt that smart phone sell for just 2 bucks?

but what if all factories become automated? no doubt, scheduling and logistics will be carried out by other AI systems. what will people do to make money to buy these things?

what will the chinese do when we dont need their cheap labor? will their capitalists build even bigger and smarter AI factories? wont productivity reach new levels of efficiency? but capitalists need profit. what if no one can afford any of the things these factories make becuz no one has a job? will the AI just dump the product in the ocean?

would uhmerikan AI or chinese AI decide to attack and destroy each other? would the factories switch over from making smart phones to smart bombs? instead of electric cars make electric battle jitneys?

what would skynet do? KILL ALL HUMANS!


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