you can date boys when you are forty

i saw the title of a book in the sunday paper. it had a photo of the dust jacket. it was of a middle aged chubby white man who looked like a stereotypical homosexual. i didnt read the article but i assumed it must be a perverted account on how 40-ish gay men can date boys. at first i thought ti was about cougars, middle aged women who date boys, they had the author’s picture and i could imagine it was a very mannish women. but hiz name!

i mentioned this to the guys at work. they made funny faces of disapproval. one guy did an intertube search and read a review. he reported back to me it was about a father’s saying to hiz daughter.

mebbe dat is wurst. a paranoid old man trying to deny sexual pleasure to hiz offspring.

i live in uhmerika and it is the most hung up country about sex. sex is used to get consumers to buy things. sex is all over the intertubes. yet, sex is a dirty secret thing. yet, nudie bars and strip joints are every where. men frequent them and gals work at them.

uhmerika is a fake, double faced, two timing nation. the reason i misunderstood the title of this book is the gay agenda at work. right now the gay agenda is being shoved down the throats and up the anuses of all straight people. gays are better than straight. straight people are hung up. straight people are guilty. gay people make uhmerika better. the indoctrination is everywhere. it wuz most pronouced in the 2014 winter olympics. russia is evil becuz they dont embrace the LGBT community.

i think one of the reasons russia invaded the Ukraine is becuz pooty poot thinks uhmerika is a fag country.

i predict that someone will parody this book with a homosexual rendition. say it to yourself a few times, “you can date boys when you are forty”.  i do believe in fairies, i do, I DO!

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