world war 3

i mentioned world wide suffering in a previous post. syria, lebenon, lybia, afghanistan, egypt, sudan, ethiopia, most of africa, thailand, philipines, tibet, lots of other places. i am talking about real suffering, hunger, fearing for your life, violence, rape, lack of clean water and proper sanitation.

now the ukraine and crimea. uhmerika against russia and china. in uhmerika’s favor, if you can call it that, is the fact “we” spend 12 times as much on the military as ALL OTHER NATIONS COMBINED!!!

but then “we” waste it on f-35’s. the f-35 is a trillion dollars over budget. they aint got the software figgered out yet. it cant fly on the rain or within 25 miles of a thunderstorm. the f-22 tends to cut off oxygen to the pilot. there are numerous other instances of uhmerika spending vast sums for under performing aircraft and ships and tanks and assorted other weaponry.

our atomic bombs seem to work and “we” are nuts enough to use them.

“we” in quotes means i was born here but i dont agree with the goobermint’s policy of world engagement. it just seems we have the most incompetent willfully negligent corrupt criminal buffoons running the show for many years.

the so called 1% are trying to grab everything they can and dont seem to care what damage they cause getting it. the 1% dont care about suffering of humans or animals or plants or the whole ball of wax.

someone figgered out it is cheaper to add poison to food to increase profits.

i am powerless to change anything. i can write this blog for a laugh or two, point out the abject stupidity of it all but to avail. some weird shit is about to go down resulting in the deaths of uncountable people. there are needless deaths occurring right now, folks dying in terror and pain for reasons i cannot fathom.

maybe the 1% are taking orders from skynet. DESTROY ALL HUMANS!



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