beholden to the man

fer all me bitterness and upchucking of dee uhmerikan dream i is still beholden to the man. i was/am/will be a wage slave. i has to work to maintain my “uhmerikan” lifestyle. i dont like it.

oh shore, the alternative is quite unpleasant, starvation, homelessness, pain, suffering, ultimately an untimely and violent death. i read the news. i see what is happening in the ukraine and syria and lybia and egypt and spain and portugal and africa in general and lots of south uhmerika, yeah, lots of suffering and deprivation going around.

in my town “they”, the BOE, gave a principal of a skool $10,000 bonus for the express reason to get around salary caps! principals make $100K/yr or there abouts. i has to pay high taxes to support the public largess. my property taxes amount to 20% of my gross income.

now when i go look for a new job to maybe better myself and i tell the prospective employer how much i make they tell me times is hard and they caint match that but mebbe we can work sumpin out for say TEN PERCENT LESS!

fuck that shit. i always vote the skool budget down becuz the children dont get those millions of dollars. principals and administrators  and some teachers get all that money. they get good wages, excellent vacation and hollerdayz, medical coverage and pension while i am told that private industry caint afford all those expenses. BUT MY TAXES KEEP GOIN UP!

i know what i can do with that tax  money but it is taken from me. the town returns very little in value. the BOE seems very good at graduating drug addicts and general lowlifes. all the time these highly paid boffins, nay buffoons, get to live the good life.

when children turn out bad they are the first to scream, IT WASNT MY FAULT!” then it is the fault of the parents who both have to work to pay high taxes. these educators scream, “think of the children!” “approve the budget!”. which means more money for them. i went to skool no one ever handed me money.

how come no one ever thinks of the parents or tax payers?

just get on craigs list and look for employment ops. all employers want the employee to go out and prospect for raw material, mine it, refine it, beat it into a product, then market the product, deliver the product all for minimum wage. oh, then die when you cant do it no more. that is the new uhmerikan dream.

employers know that the real unemployment is double or triple what the “official” numbers are. they know they can take advantage of desperate workers who have to make mortgage payments, car payments and tax payments.

no one from the BOE tells my employer to give me a 10% bonus. who do they think are footing the bill? millions of under paid folks such as myself.

i work in manufacturing. based on the rate of inflation from say, the 1960’s to now, 2014 i should be making $60k/y,  i aint. uncontrolled immigration has forced wages down. why should anyone hire an older uhmerikan when they can get 2 or 3 younger immigrants for the same price?

off shoring of jobs to china has contracted manufacturing also. but china only does large volume. all the mom and pop shops compete for all the small custom jobs. customers demand”name that tune” and it’s always, “i can name it in one note”.

quality suffers or is completely ignored to make unrealistic deadlines due to low ball bidding. uhmerika will not win WW3.

folks with skills and higher wages are laid off to seek other work. untrained folks are hired at lower wages to fill those positions. safety and health are ignored. waste eats up margins. who gives a fuck?

yet i am beholden to the man. my job is precarious. i can hope it lasts somewhat longer. i look at these other jobs where employers can beat you and treat you like shit. and the goobermint does nothing, except to make it ok for the abuses to continue. and this same goobermint thinks i can kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

the rich they give tax cuts and subsidies to while jacking up working class burden. educators, law enforcement, administration gets big salaries and benefits. yet these same people provide no value in return.

i pay and pay and pay and when i get old and creaky the town will give nothing back. the town will have no money for me, the state will have no money for me, the federal goobermint will have no money for me. it aint just me, it’s happening to millions of people. i suspect that recreational drugs will be made legal to mollify the populace and avoid an insurrection and allow the criminal upper class to continue to exploit everyone and everything.

unions are good for cops and firemen and teachers but bad for everyone else. good wages and benefits are just fine and dandy for cops and firemen and teachers but bad for everyone else. why is that?

it’s ok for wall street bonuses to average $165k for 2013 but high wages are bad for everyone else. CEO’s expect millions but workers arent allowed living wages.

yet, i am beholden to the man. fuck dat shit!


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