kap’n kirk vs justin beiber

kap’n kirk wuz arrested in new zealand for drunk driving. they fined him and took away hiz driver’s license. kap’n kirk is an uhmerikan actor. not willam shatner, the other one in the reboot.

now justin beiber is a canadian. he wuz drunk and drag racing and no one fined him yet. still i think it will cost justin beiber lot’s of money for being a dumbass. aint you proud to be  a memeber of the same monkey sphere as these two clowns? dont you want to email skynet with the subject title,”KILL ALL HUMANS!”

sort makes me wish a little bit that russia would turn uhmerika into radioactive ash. mebbe it will scare all the rats out. and “the man” wont have to pay yur social security either! and you wont have to pay off yur credit cards! it’s a win-win situation all around.


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