rich white woman kills herself

it’s the headline….”Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend Designer L’Wren Scott Commits Suicide”, well who cares? why is this bean shoved in my face? i never heard of her before. i have heard of mick jagger.

this guy i used to work with, he got fired. he became a junkie. i heard he was stealing raw material and going to the scrap yard. he paid the boss back for the amount agreed to and the boss cut him loose. now mebbe he is dead or almost dead.

i ax youse all, which is the worser tragedy? i red dat dee uhmerikan goobermint only has enough resources patrolling certain countries in south uhmerika to interdict only 20% of the cocaine headed towards the usa. the task force commander says he has to sit and watch as the 80% sails by. and….the uhmerikan goobermint is cutting funding for hiz task force. do you know what dat means? more junkies, dat’s wut.

mebbe all doze junkies are committing suicide but i say the uhmerkian goobermint is committing murder, MURDER! and what of the elite criminal banksters of wall street? aint dey dee ones providing “market demand” for all dat coke?

when duh taliban ran afghanistan there warnt much heroin about. dey stopped it. now  dat the uhmerikan miltary haz “liberated” afghanistan there shore seems to be a lot of dope on dee streets. and dat’s dee way “the man” wants it. i wonder if “the man” is gay? mebbe “the man” is really skynet. KILL ALL HUMANS!



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