strate is grate

YO! me bruthaz and sistaz! fornication is the best activity in the wold! (dat is british speak for the “world”)

i wuz married for 10 yeers. my ex wanted to do “it”, that is fuck, twice a day, TWICE A DAY! now hear me out, my ex wanted to do “it”, that is fuck, 3 timeso n weekends! THREE TIMES! yeah, i banged her hard like a porno movie.

i had to go to work early so i went to bed early. the ex kept longer hours sometimes coming home late around midnite. she would fix a snack i could hear her in the kitchen then upstairs to fully wake me and DEMAND sex!

so let us do the math 10 years is 3650 days times two equals 7300 times i had sex. that includes shooting the load, i.e. ejaculating sperm into a vagina. i was satisfied. i didnt need to look for more. it became a habit, something expected.

the ex at first let me jam the penis into her with lots of thrusting and the old in out, in out. then she liked to go first on top. she thought she was being slick but i didnt kare as i wuz getting my dick wet. then after she tuk kare of her own jollies she would roll off and tell me finish off. hell, yeah!

while the ex was riding me i would kiss her breasts, suck her nipples. she kame, i kame. a zero sum cum. good all around. why did we separate? well, the ex accused me of having 5 affairs, 3 with women and 2 with men. i wuz faithful to her 100%, even turned down some offers.

when a man haz sex twice a day and 3 times on weekends he dont need no other bitches, NO SIR! the ex didnt understand this.

i talked with other men friends. me best bro while i wuz married told me hiz old lady only gave it up twice a month. he wuz always sniffing around looking for some extra marital booty. holy shit! i thought i wuz nuthin special but now i know i had the holy grail of wifery.

after i got dee-vorced my ex GF wuz very horny also. i only saw her on weekends but we still did it twice a day. i banged her doggy fashion becuz her tummy was sort of large.

the most common thang betwix the both of them wuz demanding cum. i had to shoot the load to satisfy them both. they wuz both in their fifties and past breeding. there wuz no pulling out at the last minnit. it wood upset dem greatly. so, ok, i shoot the load, no problemmo!

now the ex GF got insanely jealous also. she thought i wuz jamming it to someone else and we broke up. i dont know iffen all womenz is like dat.

still, inserting the penis, my penis, into a woman’s vagina is the best feeling in the world. all the gals i got mixed up with performed oral sex. they sucked on my penis with their mouths. there just aint no comparison with fornication. so to me i kaint see letting a guy suck my cock.

to be trootful i never done the back door thang, that is anal sex so i kaint compare applz and orangz, so to speak.

still, i haz had lotz of transcendental sex with women. is i lucky? mebbe. now i admit i done it wiff mostly older women who were past child bearing age. so it is/wuz/will be recreational. procreation i haz avoided becuz of traumatizing parenting from mam and pap.

i admit that i actually tried to be friends with my sex partners. i wuz married for 10 yeers, the ex GF we chummed around for 2 or so. i had a much older lover also. she turned out to actually be my best femail companion.

i currently have a GF who isnt as horny or sexually active  but is still good company. i dont know if having sex with a woman makes her unbalanced or crazy or something. mebbe  the same thing happens wiff men lovers pr femail lovers, that is homosexual or lesbian love. i haznt studied it in depth.

just to make it perfectly clear as an unmuddied lake or the deepest blue of august summer sky, i wood get mixed up wiff a woman sexually right now and put up wiff all the  bullshit. male/female sex is just that good.

both the wife and ex GF were past their prime physically. got chubby. great fucks none the less. besides, they warnt bad people. it bean just the male/femail paradigm. my ex told me i ruined her for other men. her knick name for me wuz “the log”.

well, so now i is in a dry spell. the current GF  aint as horny as the previous although i dont mind hanging wiff her. we is more like activity partners. i jest wish it included sexual activity.

so my cat is more of a companion. i dont have sex wiff me cat. often i prefer to hang wiff him. doan git me wrong me and the GF haz done lotz of fun thangz together that doan involve sex.  still, you never know. she may get horny next time we hook up. it wood be a great thang iffen we wuz emotionally compatible and sexually compatible.

sometimes i doan mind hanging wiff dee broz and male comradery. it aint a sexual context.

when i am wiff the GF i often fantasize about her breasts or ass or any sexual activity a man and woman can engage in. sometimes we fool around. i never thought much about the man on man way. to me, personally, inserting the penis into a vagina and thrusting is the way.

duz dat mean i need therapy? should i haz to take drugs and undergo treatment to accept homo ways into my behavior? i think not. i’ll stick with recreational sex between a man and a woman or a woman and a man.

if you are LGBT and this disgusts you the feeling is mutual. let’s just leave it at that. i dont want to explore yur world and i am shore you you dont want to explore mine.

oh, and fuck you too! NIGGA!


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