niggers are out to destroy humanity. not poe black pipple but rich white men. they have highly trained, educated and paid servants research diseases that kill people. instead of developing weakened strains that give people the sniffles, niggers have their servants develop strains with 90% mortality.

bill gates, the world’s richest nigger,wants to unleash a mosquito air force to spread GMO organisms to curtain conception.

the bullet in atomic scientists have a damning article about crazy scientists developing killer germs that seem to get out of the lab. read it and weep at:

i live in uhmerika. i suffer from first world disconnect. some asshole cut me off on the commute to work/home. i work with murderers and junkies becuz me boss wants to hire the cheapest labor he can get. not only him but all bosses. all the US manufacturing jobs has ben shipped to china and the dredges remain. stick a fork in our asses and turn us over we is done. WW3 wont be won buy uhmerika.

the supreme court, the congress, the presidency has all sold us out to the highest bidder. for giggles and laffs we get pommeled with the LGBT agenda. sure, let’s embrace LGBT, mebbe they can sort thangs out and bring peace and prosperity. those niggers running the show aint doing no better. remember, a nigger is a white rich man.

i want a LGBT to step forward and clean up diz mess. kaint do it? well! back to dee closet wiff you!



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