tom quit hiz job yisterday. he wuz trying out dee new place and made hiz decision by weds. my boss told me he came in all adversarial and cussing to pick up hiz last paycheck. i knew he quit when i saw tom took hiz bottle of hand lotion home on friday.

tom is/wuz/will be a part time realtor. he tried to broker house sales on the side. no matter how or what yur conversation started out with he turned it to realty.  at work i wood reed dee nooze at lunch on dee inter tubes. he wood sit in a cheer next to me and talk and talk and talk about realty. i would node me hade and say “yesh” and “hmm” and him kept  on talking even though i wasnt a realtor and not interested in such thangs.

fat joe once axed him when dee last time he sold a house, 2007 ,which is 7 yeers ago! still, this bastid, this white nigger, kept on bugging his coworkers with hiz realty complex which consumed hiz hole life.

tom worked for a yeer or so wiff me. he wuz disgruntled. me? i is only gruntled. we talked in between realty about unionization of jobs and pro worker agenda. we never discussed the LGBT agenda. maybe we both need re education in an internment camp, comrade!

i wuz always told i wuz slow at my job. i did sheet metal bending on press brakes. scary machines develop multi ton pressures to bend  aluminum, copper and steel into origami shapes like boxes. one moment of inattention and you lose a finger.

tom made me look fast. for that i am grateful. the boss tipped hiz hand and told me tom made $19/hr. shit! i had to find a new job and tender my resignation before i could parley it to somewhat more. tom warnt doing too bad. tom wuz miffed dat he axed for a raise and got none. he came in at top wages and really didnt know how to do precision bending. he done on dee job training.

so he comes in weds wich is pay day and gets all up in dee boss’s face. the “f”  bomb is dropped and lots of argy bargy. i heard from  fat joe dat tom took a job making “$450 more per week plus benefits”. i ben in high paying manufacturing jobs. employers tend to lean on high payed workers and extract under threat of dismissal production. i expect tom to get canned after the usual and customary 3 month probationary period.

tom wuz white but he shore acted like a nigger. he acted like a rich white man with privilege. tom wuz an older guy. he had some teeth missing. lots of time i read on the inter tubes how a stereotypical british has bad teeth. let me clew you in, umerikans have bad teeth becuz not too many have dental insurance and can go to dentists. i got bad teeth and i know all about it, not having insurance.

tom has terrible bad breath. you can be standing six feet away or 2 meters and still get a powerful whiff of it. his breath wuz so bad that even 15 minnits after he left the room you can still smell it. that’s neither here or there. it’s just a fact. funkadelic, bro!

i am glad he is gone. i tuk away the speakers from the multi media pc i use at my work station becuz he hogged it at lunch time. he played head banging heavy metal guitar over my smooth jazz like he owned the place (without asking). AND! he continued to talk and talk and talk about realty like it wuz the only issue and subject of importance in the whole world. talk about first world disconnect!

heh-heh! another guy quit the same week. he gave hiz 2 week notice although companies dont have to do the same. FUCK! weds wuz pay day so he didnt show up thurs and i doubt he will show up fri. seems he got over. cool. this other guy didnt have to cuss any one out and wuz slick. this other guy is 30 yeers younger than tom.  POOR! TOM! dumb ass white man.


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