poor tom worked wiff me for about a yeer. he quit. he told fat joe he tuk a job making 35 bux an hour. my boss told me tom wuz making a 19 bux an hour. tom wuz slow, so slow he made me look fast. for dat i is grateful. i wander how tom will explain hiz slowness to new employer.

in uhmerika, the elite ni99ahz, that is rich white men, has pitted working class against the hordes of chinese coolie laborers who make 1/10th of uhmerikan wages. these same ni99ahz reap all dee benefits and profits of increased production and efficiency.

nice work iffen you kin git it.

if you look at uhmerikan wages from the 1960’s and factor in inflation or devaluation or what ever real wages for factory workers like me and tom should be, it shud 35 bux an hour. so tom is making what we should be making. i understood tom’s new job to be supervisory. so actually he is bean short changed. i give him 3 months until hiz new employer tosses his lazy slow ass on unem.

i kaint talk to no one who drinks the kool-aide about wages. most folks jest put up with the natcheral oder of low wages for workers and high compensation for ni99ahz, that is white rich men.

90% of uhmerikans who haz jobs make under 35 grand a yeer but kongress sez dey doan make enough at $175,000 per yeer.

in my town, the BOE, bored of edukashune  gave a principal a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR BONUS FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF GETTING AROUND SALARY CAPS!!!! i haint had a raise in 2 yeers and expect none for about the same iffen i is lucky. mebbe my employment  collapses under mismanagement an i is on unem with the great unwashed huddled masses.

i haz to pay outrageous property taxes so sed principal can get around salary cap. why not let him go? businesses often do dat. get rid of high paying employees and bring on cheaper help. those dat pay taxes see wages go down. doze dat get payed from taxes see wages go up. WTF?!?

why are unions good for cops and firemen and teachers but bad for everyone else? why are pensions expected foe doze pipple but not expected for everyone else?

iffen i land a good paying job i haz to work my ass off but goobermint employees can be under performing and surly.

me mam and pap were anti union even dough deer lifestyle benefited from it. dey did good, me pap bean a fireman. me mam always made more dan me on a widder’s pension than me working a full time job.

i think dat cops and firemen and teachers have a vested interest in  tax payers making as good money as dem selves. i would be more willing to vote up a town or BOE budget iffen it didnt scoff up 20% of me TAKE HOME!

a cop or fireman or teacher complains how he/she kaint make it on $100k a yeer. how is i supposed to make on less dan half? how is i supposed to have sympathy for their argument when i haz reality beeting me down?

no sir! fuck all dem assholes. iffen i caint haz a union and demand higher wages and good benefits and a safe and healthy working environment, then i say cops, firemen and teachers dont get it either.

and it’s their attitude, dat dey is “special”. iffen my wages and lifestyle isnt sustainable how can theirs be? where do they think dat money comes from now dat all dee good jobs is shipped over to china?

eventually taxes cant be paid and then they dont get paid. then they will suffer like the rest of us. and then we can eat the rich. they taste like chicken. of course i expect the ni99ahz, the rich white men, to kill us all off first with atomic weapons and manufactured diseases and behavior control to get us to kill each other and ourselves.

right now we are building the robots the ni99ahz  (rich white men) need to dispense with us all.

everyone reading this blog is buying into their own death by the hands of the ni99ahz who rule the world becuz you need money to pay yur rent/mortgage, transportation, energy, food and entertainment. all dee while other nations not in the western bubble of denial are already facing 90% morality what with untreatable diseases and hunger and malnutrition and terrorism and violence.

any one of yoose will put yur cap on backwards and wear yur pants down to yur crack to get dat payday and fuck me or anyone else who gets in yur way. and dat is dee way those ni99ahz want it.

you may think a ni99ah is a poe black pussin or heroin junkie who duz a smash and grab. nope, it is dee CEO of j.p. morgan and gold man sax. dey is dee real ni99ahz. and you know waht? you wanna be jest like dem or bee their home boy like memberz of kongrss, rape dee planet and starve billions  for moe money. ni99ah! YO!

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