latest rant ot d.d.c rep, may 26, 2014

firstly, how many paid days off do you get for memorial day?
i told everyone i know about the atomic soldiers who marched to ground zero then denied benefits. i told every one about the veit nam vets agent orange and denied benefits. i told everyone i know about iraq war vets and depleted uranium and denied benefits i think it is best to remember such things.

secondly i read about your voting record in the sunday paper. of course you voted for a $600 billion defense budget. is there some money in that budget for your cammo fatigues and rife and parachute? aviation fuel for the plane you will jump out of when you vote to start WW3? i dont expect you to go along with WW3 while O’bama is in power. i bet you will vote for WW3 and flee to your COG cave if crispy crisp or jeb bush get in the white house and start flinging A bombs around.

thirdly, of course you you voted down a minimum wage increase, a man who makes $175,000 per year and has platinum medical insurance and pension and 6 weeks vacation. you masters told you to say, “we cant afford it!”.

but the big news is iran hung a billionaire who was convicted in fraud. but in uhmerika, white collar criminals who get caught scamming billions from innocents spend a few years in elegant Federal prisons that are like country clubs.

why isnt ben bernanke hung? Misto Bernanke is following a well-trodden path that his predecessor, Alan S. Greenspam, and other Washington policy makers have taken. On the speaking circuit, he is putting just one foot through the revolving door between Washington and Wall Street, being paid by financial firms but not employed by one.

what if he had a private agreement with all those criminal banksters that after he got out he would get speaking gigs for $200,000 to $400,000 a pop? you know, for, like taking care of his buddies. quantitative easing to the tune of trillions of dollars, you know your real masters.

i read that there is ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth of heroin sold in paterson per week. many of the people making purchases live in white milford. i say corruption at the very highest levels allows it to happen.

i gotta go to work every day to pay high taxes to goobermint workers who make too much money. i think school superintendents and principals should only make $10.10 per hour. if necessary the towns should hire illegal immigrants willing to work for next to nothing. we need a race to the bottom in goobermint wages. all those jobs should be outsourced to china and india and everything done by menu, “press one for detention”, press two for expulsion”, “press three for mass shooting”.


latest rant to d.c. rep, may 23,2014

firstly, how long you got off for memorial day? i bet you get more than one paid holiday like i get.

mike bloomberg was the mayor of nyc. he is a billionaire.bloomy tried out both parties, democrat and republican. just goes to show how false and fake the political system is. i think he should wear cammo, hold a rifle and parachute out of a plane to fight the enemies of democracy. bloomy should do it with joy in his heart to protect our uhmerikan values.

look at all the benefits he got from our society. his benefits are many more life times than i will ever get.

let us consider the minimum wage burger flipper. how many burger flippers do you need to total the value that bloomy got from the uhmerikan system? shouldnt bloomy fight the russians and chinese before any burger flippers? i think so.

bloomy should demand to be first in line to defend uhmerika because all it did for him. when you guys declare WW3 i should read the next headline is, “bloomy enlists to fight evil!”

the story should contain the info how he used ALL his money to bribe officials to make sure he gets to wear cammo, carry a rifle and parachute into enemy land to save all those burger flippers.

silverstien, the guy who got ONE BILLION DOLLARS when the WTC collapsed should be demanding to go fight for his country, jump down a spider hole and pull pooty-poot putin out.

let us not forget to mention Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker, Jack Dorsey, John Arnold, Sergey Brin, Elon Musk, Jon Corzine, in short the whole list of forbe’s richest men in uhmerika. they can call it the billionaires brigade.

war is dangerous. no doubt some wont make it back alive. those we will call heroes. their trusts can build monuments to their sacrifice and bravery. maybe some who did the bravest deeds can be put on the dollar bill and knock old jorje washington out. in his day washington was like a billionaire and he went and fought for his nation.

on memorial day i would remind you of the atomic soldiers
who were ordered into ground zero during the tests in nevada and what the goobermint done to them and denied them. then there are the veit nam vets and agent orange and what the goobermint done to them and denied them. then there are the iraq war vets and depleted uranium and burn pits and anthrax vaccines and what the goobermint did to them and denied them.

and today we have the V.A. continuing in that tradition. secret waiting lists, waiting to die without benefits and medical care. TOO SAVE MONEY! while the military spends NINE BILLION DOLLARS TO BUILD 3 DESTROYERS!

right on, brother!

canadian astronaut copyright infringer

Chris Hadfield sung david bowie’s “space oddity” while he was on the space station. now everyone is saying he should be able to have his youtube video continue to be available for viewing. why? becuz he is/was an astronaut? becuz he was/is/will be canadian?

it was viewed 22.4 million times. i think david bowie should get a cut. dont get me wrong. david bowie is a rich,old, powerful white man. that makes him a ni99ah.

what about kids who download movies and get fined hundreds of thousands of dollars? george harrison was sued by some singer who sed he stole a song. this happens all the time. the two brothers who made the matrix movies were sued becuz they stole the idea from someone.

did the astronaut give a hit tip or acknowledgement to david bowie’s creativity? did david bowie get any valuable consideration.

dont mess with the yankees. if you take a picture of any yankee uniforma nd then try to sell it the yankees legal team will come after you.

the best thing to happen is if the astronaut and the rock star could get together and collaborate on a joint venture. mebbe david b. can do a remix including hadfield.

if you listen to the words of space oddity, it’s about a guy who never returns to earth. it is a disaster song. doesnt seem fitting to the bold right stuff we expect from space exploration.

should an astronaut be allowed to spit in your face? kill some one? steal money and commit fraud? what laws can we agree on that astronauts can ignore?

this hadfiled guy is supposed to be way smart. why didnt he compose his own song that would put david bowie’s to shame?

this can all be solved and smoothed over and come to an happy ending if hadfield comes out of the closet as being gay. gay people are better than hetero people. what’s up with david bowie? wasnt he gay for a while? or bi? or neuter? or something?

uhmerika Fascist oligarchy

west virginia made it a crime to disclose fracking chemicals. first responders have to sign a no disclosure agreement when the chemicals are made known to them in the course of their duties, say, from a chemical spill.

the legislature did this. the people’s elected representatives did this. how can any elected official decide this is in the public interest? no. it is not. it was done to protect an elite minority. it was done to prevent any one hurt by fracking chemicals to know what hurt them and sue for redress.

my d.c. rep votes against my interests 99% of the time. i only get to vote against him once every 2 years. still, how does my rep get re elected? his voting results are in the sunday newspaper for all to see. his voting record promotes the agenda of the moneyed class.

i cant blame the citizens of west virginia. the system doesnt let good, honest, ethical and moral people get elected. if it did then west virginia would not have made it a felony to disclose fracking chemicals.

stick a fork in our collective asses and turn us over. uhmerika is done.


another rant to d.c. rep.

i gross $40k per year in a hell hole factory in paterson. you gross $175k per year in d.c.. who’s got more stake in how the country fairs? i would say you do. how about yellen? or bernancke? or geithner? how about greenspam? how about trump? how about gates? how about any millionaire that lives in your/our district? dont they have a vested interest to defend the usa many times over what i do?

it’s mathematical logic. all you folks should be willing to wear cammo, tote a gun and parachute out of an airplane to fight the menace of chinese and russian domination.

it’s all over the news how china and russia signed a 30 year pact for natural gas to the tune of $400 million dollars. the one thing u.s. news omits is that they aint using dollars.

what about the veterans’ administration? they had secret waiting lists which were really death lists. ever since the atomic testing the goobermint has denied soldiers any redress for illnesses directly related to military activities. then veit nam and agent orange and irag and gulf war syndrome and everything else. go fight for your country and we will deny you later. that is why you and every member of the house and senate and the judiciary and the exectutive should be the first to parachute out of airplanes and fight hand to hand with the enemies of democracy.

i read that 80% of the the uranium used for atomic power in the usa comes from russia. so russia cuts back and electric rates go up.

i aint a democrat. i aint a republican. i think both parties have been bought and paid for by the elite criminal banksters of wall street.

evey bankster who gets an average $350,000 bonus should don cammo, carry a gun and parachute out of a plane to fight the enemy with joy in their hearts.

dont all them guys, including yourself reap the most benefits of the uhmerikan way of life? isnt it the money? the more money you have the more we value you are? every rich uhmerikan should don cammo, carry a rifle and parachute out of a plane to kill people in russia or china as pay back.

all hand to hand combat and stabbing and head bashing with blood and guts flying all over. shouldnt all those rich people sacrifice themselves after having lived the good life?

i see you wear an uhmerikan flag lapel pin. what does that mean? dont you want to kill our enemies yourself, with your bare hands?

maybe you want to lob some atomic weapons over there, where ever that is and vaporize millions at a clip. do you care if they do the same to us? well, do you?

i dont want to kill anyone. i dont have a secret exclusive end of world bunker to go hide in. i dont have millions of dollars either.

i have to go work for a living. poor benefits, no pension, worthless but costly medical insurance, 2 weeks vacation, high food and energy costs.

the goobermint records every phone call and email but cant put an end to heroin trade in your district. what’s up with that?

looks to me like the fix is in. when rich poeple tell poor people to go and fight for the country, then when those poor people a sick and broken down and denied health care i say the fix is in. you are in on it. your voting record proves it.

you can blah-blah-blah all you want. only when i see your voting record change will i believe you.

when will i get my Q.E.? when will my big bail out check arrive in the mail?

how about dick cheney complaining that o’bama isnt following the constitution? maybe he is worried that o’bama is a bigger crook that he is. hah-hah, i laugh at the satirical irony.

how about our rotund and corpulent gooberner, crispy crisp, delivering that hawkish and warlike speech to the zionists.

why is there a 800 million dollar short fall in the state budget? yeah, that guy is presidential timber. not that the democrats can field anything better.

what about mitt romney being for an increase in minimum wage? what’s up with that? you agree with that?

who should go to war and defend this “great” nation? mitt or some burger flipper from mcdonald’s? how about john kerry going one on one with pooty poot putin or some shulb working at walmart. certainly no walton should have to get shot at.

what if the walton heirs all gang up on putin and have it out all personal. last man standing wins the whole ball of wax. it should be televised on pay per view sort of like that star trak episode where kirk fights the gorn.

i think we should take all our oligarchs and all russian and chinese oligarchs and put them in some thunder dome and let them all fight it out in the most brutal way possible.

do you think you can take out a russian or chinese political hack hand to hand? do you? would you like to be on tv with millions watching? way cool.

duck cheney upset someone crookeder than him

duck cheney sed o’bama is ignoring the constitiution. well isnt that the pot calling the kettle black. but then, duck cheney is old, rich, white and powerful and that makes him a ni99ah! it takes one to know one.

latest rant to d.c. rep

yeah, sent on 5-19-14:

patton sed it is best to let the other dumb bastid die for hiz country.

what about you? are you willing to be vaporized in an atomic blast? suppose the u.s. goobermint pushes pooty poot putin too far and he launches a salvo of missles? will you dash into yur COG bunker? will you call me up and warn me to bug out?

exactly how many of the people you represent are you willing to fry to save your own buttocks? maybe all the millionaires in yur district will get the notice. what about me?

aint that wut the goobermint is doing right now? fiddling wiff WW3? the ukraine looks like a powder keg to me.

here is a random monitored word by the DHS to make sure they read this email so they will know my disgust clearly,
“Standford”. why that word should be monitored is beyond my comprehension. what a joke uhmerika has become!

are you personally willing to don cammo and a rifle and parachute out of a plane to fight for freedom and democracy in ukraine against the commie bastid russians?

exactly what should i sacrifice to make the world safe from democracy? how about freedom and privacy?

besides snowden i have a new hero, a heroine actually. it is Cecily McMillan. i think she should have gotten off “scott” free. if i was on her jury i would have dismissed all charges. the cop is the one who should be behind bars.

i think bloomy had his thug cops beat the occupy protesters. i think you support the elite criminal banksters of wall street with free money (QE) while denying citizens soc sec and ext unem.

why is heroin so freely available to the people who live in your district? why is white milford the junkie capitol of new jersey?

how about we decriminalize recreational drug use? will it cut into works project to employ cops and prosecutors and judges and lawyers? what about private prisons? will stocks fall in that industry if drug use is legal?

i want to know exactly what you rich old white men are doing down in washington with the miserable pennies you take from me.

no millionaires’ tax? why dont you repeal the poor peoples’ tax? those that benefit the most from the system should be those who support the system the most. RAT!