more hate speech

i just want to make it perfectly clear….members of congress in the house, not the senate, make $175,000 per year with a great pension and fully paid gold plated health insurance and 6 weeks vacation.

yet these rapscallions voted down the minimum wage increase to ten bucks an hour. the reason? “we cant afford it!” isnt that hate speech? the house is supposed to represent the people but it sure looks like they are reading someone else’s script, a a script of hate.

i am writing this in 2014. these same representatives say “we” cant afford social security. more hate speech. and again they say “we” cant afford extended unemployment benefits. even more hate speech.

exactly who is telling the house to say those hateful things? i bet it is the elite criminal banksters who got congress to give them quantitative easing. these banksters smile and say “please” when they ask the house to vote against the people. when they get all the money they say “thank you”. all very polite and not against the law because the got the politicians to repeal any laws that may land the banksters in jail. pretty slick trick.

now the senate, all 100 of them are millionaires. the vast majority of the senate and the house are rich old white men. and you guessed correctly i call them ni99ahz, the elite criminal banksters are ni99ahz also. which isnt hate speech, it is a fact.

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