latest rant to d.c. rep

yeah, sent on 5-19-14:

patton sed it is best to let the other dumb bastid die for hiz country.

what about you? are you willing to be vaporized in an atomic blast? suppose the u.s. goobermint pushes pooty poot putin too far and he launches a salvo of missles? will you dash into yur COG bunker? will you call me up and warn me to bug out?

exactly how many of the people you represent are you willing to fry to save your own buttocks? maybe all the millionaires in yur district will get the notice. what about me?

aint that wut the goobermint is doing right now? fiddling wiff WW3? the ukraine looks like a powder keg to me.

here is a random monitored word by the DHS to make sure they read this email so they will know my disgust clearly,
“Standford”. why that word should be monitored is beyond my comprehension. what a joke uhmerika has become!

are you personally willing to don cammo and a rifle and parachute out of a plane to fight for freedom and democracy in ukraine against the commie bastid russians?

exactly what should i sacrifice to make the world safe from democracy? how about freedom and privacy?

besides snowden i have a new hero, a heroine actually. it is Cecily McMillan. i think she should have gotten off “scott” free. if i was on her jury i would have dismissed all charges. the cop is the one who should be behind bars.

i think bloomy had his thug cops beat the occupy protesters. i think you support the elite criminal banksters of wall street with free money (QE) while denying citizens soc sec and ext unem.

why is heroin so freely available to the people who live in your district? why is white milford the junkie capitol of new jersey?

how about we decriminalize recreational drug use? will it cut into works project to employ cops and prosecutors and judges and lawyers? what about private prisons? will stocks fall in that industry if drug use is legal?

i want to know exactly what you rich old white men are doing down in washington with the miserable pennies you take from me.

no millionaires’ tax? why dont you repeal the poor peoples’ tax? those that benefit the most from the system should be those who support the system the most. RAT!


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