my lastest to crispy crisp

sent to rotund and corpulent gooberner of nj on 5-19-2014:

yo! i read about the budget gap. it amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars in short fall.
i read that everything is on the table, i bet that includes the homestead rebate for property tax relief.

but what about your over use of the state helicopter? will you park that thing so i can get my 650 dollar discount off my property taxes?

are you willing to refrain from using it to show how serious the shortfall is? is it the situation were everyone else has to sacrifice except you?

look, it’s nothing personal. it is a fact. i aint picking on you. you weigh as much as 3 normal people so the state helicopter has to add all that extra fuel just to cart you around.
it has been many years since hurricane sandy so there is no more need for you to view the damage from the air.

i am serious. park that thing. leave early and go by car. i bet one trip not taken can free up money for my rebate and other citizens as well.

please run for president and leave the state. it’s the best thing you can do for nj.

you and jeb bush should run on the same ticket, the people of walmart ticket. you guys should flip a coin to see who is pres and v.p., you are interchangeable white guys. saturday nite live and Stephen Colbert are gonna mine you like gold. what uhmerika needs now more now than ever before is comedy relief. go for it, dood! yo!


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