puntium 2 350 mhz

i run a puntium 2 250 mhz wiff winders 98. i burn cd’s and do graphics. i also have puntium 3 running at 750 mhz. i do video capture and burnd dvd’s and other stuff on winders 98.

why? i dunno. i haz lots of orphaned computers.

but then samsung “apologized” to it’s workers for giving them cancer in “clean” rooms. clean rooms are clean of particles but not much else. often the air is recirculated without introducing fresh air. the chemicals used to make chips are ultra pure but still toxic.

and all those other chip producers? same thing. poison labor for cheap chips. and once those ultra clean chemicals become contaminated? just dumped.

so i still use old computers. i used to have techno lust. i neeeded the latest and greatest and fastest. now i do trailing edge instead of cutting edge.

as winders ages i plan to migrate my old boxes to linux flavors. becuz.

there is anew meme to escape the earth because we poisoned and killed it. “let’s go find a virgin planet to do the same thing to”. yeah, when earth attacks. invasion of the earthlings.

i bet astronauts of the future will be doing lots of anal probing and mutilations on other worlds. in the name of science of course AND PROFIT!

we wont export jesus but we will export capitalism and the dollar.

most puntium 2 350 mhz computers are leaching all their rare earth elements into land fills to poison the water and soil. mebbe lots were incinerated to poison the air. i still use mine. not often but i do. i got some newer chips. the p4. they have already been relegated to the dustbin of computing history. they run winders 98 m and hex-p.

i got some old lap tops. the problem is that once a computer is more than a year old it’s resale value is zero. but these old boxes refuse to die.

a.c. clarke sed that in the future electronics will be passed down as heirlooms through the generations.

think of the masses of  wireless phones that have a life time of six months! i still got a dumb phone from 7 years ago. it still works. it was such hot shit in the day. a fartorola razor. i like it becuz it is sort of like a star trak TOS communicator, a flip phone.

it never gave me an orgasm. i see lots of folks with their eye phones stroking it as it gives them orgasms never thinking about how the people who made them were sacrificed. every electronic gizmo you got has a murder behind it. then when we are convinced we need a new one we just toss it aside as well of the lives were of the people who made it.

every big name company is culpable because bean counters determined the price of every laborer as to be negligible. ni99ahz all!


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